FLOTUS in Italy to teach them how to cook

PatriotRetort: Be secure in the knowledge that your tax dollars are being well-spent.

Michelle Obama is in Milan, Italy to teach them how to cook.

michelle obama cook in italy




Ah, funny.

Barley, rice and lentil salad with chicken!!!

I bet the Italians are swooning.

Where’s she headed next?

Is she going to fly into Germany to teach them how to drink beer?

Maybe stop in Moscow to give them a lesson on proper Vodka consumption?

Then, maybe head on over to Ireland and lecture them about using potatoes and cabbage. more

25 Comments on FLOTUS in Italy to teach them how to cook

  1. This bimbo (I think that’s an Italian word) stated sometime back that she only knew how to cook boxed mac and cheese! So now, because of Sam Kass (who left the WH) she is auto-magically the esteemed ‘professore della cucina’ (THAT”S Italian)–hell, bet she can’t even make a cup of espresso or capuccino or a pot of spaghetti!

    Can’t she just go away, or play dead like a dog?

  2. God, I hate Mario Batali. He looks like fat little creature crudely fashioned out of deep-fried Krispy Creme dough and then rolled around on a tray of red pubic hair after having been glazed.

    He’s a total suck-ass Progressive libtard. Total. Big, big dumbass.

    Between his looks and his politics I’d rather eat a plate of dog vomit than his food.

  3. I doubt if she could teach anybody how to cook. But she sure as hell could teach them how to eat. Look at that caboose. Holy heads of cauliflower Batman.

  4. @Nash Montana, LOLOL!

    Will she be going to Sweden to teach them how to put on a crayfish party with aquavit? They could really use her superior culinary knowledge. And when she is finished with that, she could teach them how to dance around the maypole.

    What a “dum ko”. (Swedish for stupid cow.)

  5. What could the Mooche possibly teach the world’s finest cooks? One way to eat watermelon? Grits and gravy? Sauteed mustard greens swimming in pork fat? She hasn’t cooked a family meal in years.

  6. Her “Let’s Move” campaign be damned. I think they are engaging in a political scorched earth policy:

    “What’s the most asinine, over-the-top act of hubris we could execute in the name of the U S of KKK A? Something that’ll make the rest of the world see America in the worst possible light?”

    They are making sure that the next president inherits the most hated, impotent former super power in the world, knowing that the next president will NEVER risk being accused of racism by claiming to have inherited the mess from our First Black President®.

  7. Next stop: The Playboy Mansion where Moose “will teach the girls how to be sexy.”

    Is there no one on earth with the courage to ask, “If you’re such a damn healthy eater, why is that ass still a friggin’ DOUBLE WIDE?!??”

  8. As a person with a fair amount of experience in event planning, I can tell you that Italian food is the most universally beloved cuisine on the planet. I’ve never seen a tray of lasagna, eggplant parm, or fettucine alfredo returned to the kitchen with any food actually still in it. I doubt there’s much Moochelle and this fat Mario bastard can teach them.

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