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Flying Piano

Remember Keith Emerson’s “Flying” Piano at California Jam?

This guy wasn’t even born then–>

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  1. After watching video 1 (meh) and video 2 (wonderful!), YT suggested a clip of a very young Frank Zappa (normal haircut and no facial hair) teaching Steve Allen to play the bicycle. For any Zappa fans, this is a Must Watch.

  2. Balsa wood box with an electric keyboard.
    I have a grand piano in my shop and the manufacturer says it weighs 1216 lbs.
    I would NOT roll out on 6″ wheels in the dirt.

  3. Thanks Uncle Al for the Frank Zappa video with Steve Allen. Frank Zappa was a genius with his bizarre and strange music. He was the next generation of Spike Jones on musical steroids. And I still think that Steve Allen was one of the best and most intelligent of all the late-night TV show hosts ever.

  4. For some 25 years touring on the road, during that era, playing piano/keyboards and (later) synthesizers with many different bands and music all over the United States of America and the hundreds and thousands of loving Americans and fans, whom I met and remember to this day…when I look back at it now…it was all a very Beautiful Dream, each and every time, which included Frank Zappa and many, many others, who were equally loved and appreciated.


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