Follow Up: NASA’s Big Announcement About Another Planetary System

So,  it wasn’t the discovery of alien life out there that NASA announced this week. It was instead the finding of an eighth planet circling the star, Kepler 90, about 2,500 light years away. The scientist compared the Kepler 90 system to our own, noting that the planets are bunched closer together.

Lost in all the excitement of finding a mini copy of our solar system was the way the new planet was discovered. NASA scientists taught their image analyzing computers to find new objects in space by utilizing “machine learning.”


10 Comments on Follow Up: NASA’s Big Announcement About Another Planetary System

  1. I Believe We also announced a return to Manned Space flight .
    This Kepler stuff really isn’t news if you stay informed, I’d like to hear something from NASA that pertains to what we overwhelmingly believe is Flying about us !!!

  2. Too far unless you can warp space. We have ETs visiting us all the time, they just don’t want to interact with us because we are ants with thermonuclear weapons.

  3. that little system is only 2500 light years away, it’s almost next-door. if men cannot walk after 30 days of space flight, in probably take at least 30 days to get close to that. [sarcasm]

  4. Yeah, backtracking and calling Pluto a “dwarf planet” doesn’t make up for anything. Find me a planet just like Earth but minus all the assholes, so I can buy a ticket to it.


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