Football Game Canceled Ahead of Rally for Cheerleaders Punished for Trump Banner


A North Carolina school district canceled a football game on Friday ahead of a rally to support cheerleaders put on probation for holding a Trump 2020 banner at a game in late August.

The North Carolina High School Athletic Association (NCHSAA) said it canceled the game at North Stanly High School because “Stanly County Schools has been notified of additional information that could compromise safety measures our schools have in place for sporting events,” according to the Charlotte Observer.

However, that did not stop the cheerleader’s supporters from continuing with their plans to hold the rally outside the school’s football stadium in New London on Friday.

“There was no threat,” said organizer Jeremy Onitreb during the event. “Nobody’s coming up there to hurt the kids. It’s not what this was about.” more here

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  1. Here is a story of another cheerleader rally canceled by a school district because the cheerleaders wouldn’t “honor” a student that murdered their friend

    A (white) cheerleader is murdered by her (black) boyfriend and her friends are not allowed to memorialize her at school because

    “The District will not sanction any memorials or acknowledgements because it would be legally required to do so for all students involved in order to protect the District against possible legal claims. ” The only other student involved is the animal that killed her!

  2. Yet the same jerks like these saw no problem with students being forced to sing songs of praise for Obama.

    These people should be shamed out of any public positions.

  3. Back in the GOOD ol’ days, locals wouldn’t have STOOD for this. Unimpeded YANKEE immigration has ruined NC. BUILD THE WALL along the VA border, and SEND THEM BACK! 😡


    My lord, high school kids are held hostage by schools across America.

    Just have your homecoming dance, football games, graduations, Boy Scout meetings, and everything else they threaten to control OFF CAMPUS and then just simply don’t show up for the registered football game etc.

    Wouldn’t they just SHIT THEIR PANTS if the graduation ceremony was held off campus with long prayers, songs, then sued the public school when they threatened not to give or send diplomas in the mail in a fit of pouting?


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