The president releases video that shows Biden doing what the “whistleblower” says Trump did

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23 Comments on The president releases video that shows Biden doing what the “whistleblower” says Trump did

  1. Sometimes I think President Trump isn’t going to DRAIN the Swamp. Instead, he’s goin to BLOW IT UP! Oh, Mr. President, make our day, our year and our decade!

  2. Ha ha.
    The one time Biden maybe didn’t exaggerate one of his “heroic actions” he was criminally pedaling influence.

  3. Always understimating The Donald, they are constantly
    bringing a bent butterknife of lies to the gunfight
    for the actual truth.

  4. What’s sickening is all the news media whose archives comprised those clips who refuse to acknowledge their own reporting.

    I recall that there was an initial push to shoo Biden off of running. Looking into his son, the complaints about his touching women (which continues). They never would have reported it otherwise. But as soon as he committed, they squashed all negative reporting about him.

    Then, this next “whistleblower” bombshell from an “intel” worker who is basing his complaint off of second or third hand rumors to protect scumbag Biden and Kerry’s sons.

    This whole new scandal is just another Deep State entrapment exercise. I guarantee that they are still investigating Trump, tapping his phones and waiting to drop little October surprises to frag him through next year.

    Their nothingburger stories allowed to lead the news for days on end before they’re exposed as liberal wishcasting.

  5. There’s a good reason I call him Jackass Joe and this is but one reason!
    He always shoots from the hip with his large bore Blunderbluff!

  6. Remember, back in June, when Stethanopoulos asked Trump if he would accept dirt on political opponents and Trump said he would. We were all wondering where that question came from and why it came? Now we know.

    “In the interview, though, Trump seemed to suggest rebuffing foreign governments would be unwarranted — and unnecessary to report to federal law enforcement authorities. That stance has put him at odds with…

    ::::national security professionals within his own administration:::…

    …But Trump appeared unbothered by the discord in his interview, saying he would be open to any and all diirt on potential rivals.”

    The Intel Deepers were setting the table. When Little George asks an oddball question, there is always a reason.

  7. venturaguy September 22, 2019 at 1:01 am

    When they go low, Trump runs them over

    This is why I love Trump. He runs them over using their own words. GO TRUMP WE LOVE YOU!!! I’m still gloating!

  8. Madam Cyberhack, the Golden Mu Mu will levitate above the DNC and will be the Democrat nominee (HA Goodman)…

    Every single scandal they have thrown at Trumpus Maximus is a form of Demonrat projection, that is why he sets them up on the tee and smacks them half a mile down the fairway, they are just that stupid.

    They are really so juvenile it doesn’t even take an effort.

  9. Not one credible news . . .
    Technically true, many more than one, but how credible are there when it shows ABC, NBC, etc.?

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