For Anyone That Doesn’t Think This Assault and War is Real

Ten years of my videos are gone. I was notified this morning that my account was no longer wanted on YT because it “drives people off their site.”

I have no idea what that is supposed to mean.

Last week I was notified that some of my videos were flagged and “demonetized,” which is a hoot because I never monetized any of my videos.

I knew I was now on the radar.

I was then informed that a video was taken down.

Then today the entire account was taken down. (I’ve noticed that the left tends to do these things on weekends. They want to ruin your Sunday.)

The way this happens is you’re isolated by a disgruntled group of lefties. They coordinate complaints, and Big Browser is all too happy to yank you based on this mob.

We could do this all day long to the left and they would never disable one of their accounts because they see nothing wrong whatsoever with a video that disparages, attacks, humiliates or defames anyone on the right. That includes comments made on videos (which is one of the reasons they cited for dismissing me. I had the audacity to confront idiocy and lies in YT comments.)

All my 99 Second Radio shows are gone, conversations with readers, original animations, all of it.

Before anyone says, “you should have backed up all this stuff on some other site,” I did that, years ago with the “conservative alternative to Youtube,”  PopModal, which promptly went out of business.


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  1. Geez. I don’t know what to say, but it’s all in the left’s playbook. Stay strong and VOTE Conservative 2018!!!

  2. Free speech for the left but not the right. Conservative social media platform badly needed!

  3. I now Reiux.
    You were there through it all, from the beginning.
    I have most of the stuff on discs, but am I really going to pull that stuff out and upload it?
    It would require an intern.

    I hope Olympdick is on a disc. That’s my favorite clip of all time.

  4. If one could raise the capital, I would pay $10 a month for a system that was run by adults instead of pre ppubescent children.

  5. Won’t stop there. Saw on the news this morning California reps are proposing a bill that any social media website hosted in California will have to submit guarantees that it will deal with “fake news.” You know what that will mean. I bet it will pass.

  6. What a chicken shit way to be. No honor, devoid of character, lacking guts. I’m really starting to hate those bastards.

  7. And there it is.

    “(c) As used in this section, “social media” means an electronic service or account, or electronic content, including, but not limited to, videos, still photographs, BLOGS, video blogs, PODCASTS, instant and text messages, email, online services or accounts, or Internet Web site profiles or locations.”

  8. There are quite a few of them on Hooktube. I have some as well, FWIW. I also backup everything to my own storage offline. Call it a low-trust environment out there.

    I’m sorry. You know things are still at the cold CWII stage when we (who haven’t taken a monetary hit) look at each other with a whatareyagonnado? of exasperation. Meantime, there’s you and others like you getting deplatformed. Time for a donation from me. Maybe it’ll net a few minutes putting things off from going hot. I’d rather not see a breaking point of severe pushback come to bear, though if they want it, there are lots of us who can accommodate them. Silly talk, since it’s all just ones and zeros, right? Hmm. Check the link upthread where in California, blogging is to be legislated.

    Hell. I’m pretty sure the DHS didn’t create a “database to track journalists, bloggers, media influencers”. Alphabet & MS just forked over their own lists.

  9. Nooooooooo! The Prez Dispenser is gone?! That was my introduction to iOTW. I saw it on PopModel. I’m brokenhearted. And Admin Girl’s voice on the Essence of Obama ad. This is the complete shits.

  10. I know no one wants the Gov. involved in the internet, but they need to. Call them what they are, common carriers and regulate them just like any main stream media because they are main stream and vile to boot.
    So sorry that happened Fur.

  11. iotw2009 is there. But there was more on the other account.
    Eventually, they’ll get to deleting the iotw2009 account shortly, when they figure it out.
    Besides, that account belonged to Admin Girl.

  12. iOTW2009, believe it or not, is not my account.
    Yes, it has content on it that I’m happy survived.
    But I have no control over it.
    When Admin Girl passed, that account went with her.

  13. I’m not surprised by this at all. Waiting for the thought police to come knocking at my door any day…

  14. Happened to me years ago. Both EvilConservative websites blowed up. Banned for life from facebook and am currently waiting for the boot from twitter.

    Truly, I have the maddest of mad social networking skillz.

  15. I’m so sorry BFH. Is there anything we can actually do? I’m at the point where I feel guilty clicking on youtube for music because I imagine they get revenue from that.

  16. I suppose the next thing YT, FB, Go Ogle, etc. will get to do is start making all of us pay taxes…

  17. Fur

    I’m going to buy a couple lottery tickets. After i win millions, can you help me build what all of us knuckle draggers (h/t wirecutter) need to keep the truth alive? My guess is the Libby’s are twitching like a crack addict and after the mid terms, it’s going to get worse.

  18. There was a conference over internet censorship with Ann coulter among others. If Ann is being silenced what can the little people do? Too bad Ann wouldn’t go all Joan of Arc. I’d join her army or anybody else’s. This has got to stop. This is Nazi book burning all over again.
    Obviously congress and the DOJ doesn’t give a crap.
    Still think it’s THEIR biz and they can do whatever the hell they want?

  19. Plain Jane is correct: we need to *do* something. Perhaps the government will fine them back to the stone age…?

    But, we need a Plan B. ….Lady in Red

  20. This account has been terminated due to multiple or severe violations of YouTube’s policy against spam, deceptive practices, and misleading content or other Terms of Service violations.

    Let me guess, you fall under “other Terms of Service.”

  21. The videos are still on your account if you try to appeal and get it reinstated. They can piss up a rope though.

  22. Maybe they will reinstate it if you promise to sprinkle in a bit of horse porn here and there.

  23. I take ‘sanity breaks’ from time to time because of the pile on of sh*t like this (Diamond & Silk, etc etc). I vacillate between anger & hopelessness.
    I doubt anyone beyond the iotw community was in search of BFH shorts on thetube (no offense fur, but it’s obvious you weren’t posting for monetary purposes), and so have to wonder if you weren’t targeted by a disgruntled ex-“worlder”. Matters not I suppose, the who & why.

    I’ve longed for just one, ONE, conservative/libertarian platform to counter the plethora of lib/progressive insanity, and wonder who? when? why not?

    I think Peter Thiel is a genius, and if anyone could fund such a venture, it would be he. He’s moving out of Silicon Valley because specifically due to the left echo chamber. He was asked about starting up a conservative media co during a recent interview, and while he didn’t rule it out, he said he’s looking for the next “big thing” to invest/drive in the conservative media environment. Anyone have his number? 🙂

    Seriously, the left seems to have cornered the market when it comes to driving campaigns & making things happen. How do we do this???

  24. @ Lib Larry,

    That was a gag me moment. I resent clicking on it, but I take responsibility for my actions.

  25. Mutilate your genitals, crap in the street and scream RACISM! while walking aimlessly in a park. You must ingratiate yourself to TPTB.

    You might become re-personed. You’ll definitely be accepted as a leftard.

  26. As AT&T told me, “I’m sorry sir, I am not calling you a liar, but if it’s not in my computer it never happened.”

  27. Hitler’s Nazi Germany would have failed had it not been for the German industrialists who supported him. The big ‘tech giants’ here (like Google) are primed and ready for the right Fuhrer. Fortunately, they have no “Adolf” yet to back. When that person wins the Presidency, CWII will become quite likely.

  28. I hope someone is taking notes and keeping track of names of these commie maggots so they can become prime targets when the SHIT HITS THE FAN!!!
    The leftie fux keep sabre rattling that they want a civil war, well I tell you what…when it does happen there WILL NOT be any rules of engagement!

  29. I’m now realizing that I’ve misclassified’s bookmark under “Bloggers/Humor.”

    It should be under something like: “Critical News/Opinion.”

    Very sorry to hear about this, BFH.

  30. speakin jes fer mahself……i’m beginnin ta think africa bob is perfectly fluent in english, but covering it up……..

    bob keeps …….making….surprising accurate….statements….for someone who can’t spell fuck……

    …………… 🙂

  31. The question used to be “why do conservatives or people on the right choose to use Facebook, Twitter, other tools created by Leftists, etc.”

    Because they don’t want to cede the platforms, the arena of ideas or whatever.

    The Left is going to make this choice for you. This weekend, the CEO of Twitter linked to a story (calling it a “great read”) calling for the “eradication” of the Right. When you are wrong, you are wrong as he puts it. They don’t have to tolerate your wrongness on the platform and would prefer to send you to the gulag and harness all that energy for some useful purpose.

    They are fomenting a civil war because none of them have had an assassination attempt made by a rightwinger yet. They deserve it but it has not happened yet. Since crazy pants shot up the Youtard office last week, they will use that as a pretext to do what they have always wanted to do anyway.

  32. @ Larry The Liberal

    That song brings back so many fond memories, thanks for posting.

    To show my appreciation, Eleanor has agreed to visit you in the middle of the night and feed your salami in Fala.

  33. That sucks BFH.

    I wish I knew what we could do. I’m so fed up with everything these days. There are many days when I just want to get rid of internet, phones, television, radio and live under a mushroom and not know anything.


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