For Plane Passenger – Perhaps The Final Frontier

A woman said a passenger was unruly on an airplane, touching a woman and asking inappropriate questions. Frontier Airlines handled the situation by moving the man to a seat in back of hers, where he promptly peed on it. Click here

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Airline travel is now simply Greyhound in the sky.


ht/ js and fdr in hell

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  1. I’m driving to FL next month, I refuse to fly anymore than I really have to.
    I remember the days of walking out on the tarmac and climbing the steps to the plane, no ‘prisoner exchange’ treatment/experience.

  2. Used to love flying but avoid it if I possibly can. I remember the good old days when you could walk up to the counter, buy a ticket, get on the airplane, and light up a cigarette. Now, flying is a luxury to be endured rather than enjoyed because of jagoffs like the guy in the story.

    And Islam.

  3. I remember Continental airlines, first class to Los Angles, prime rib dinner with the prime rib carved at your seat, linen napkins, proper glassware, and yes, we wore a suit and tie for travel.

  4. Bike Miike…amazing, isn’t it? Such a different time. Glad I’m old enough to have experienced it, and I’m not old! Sebastian Maniscalco (comedian) did a bit on that once, how people at the airport now look like they just got out of bed. He’s exactly right.

  5. I was sixteen when I took my first flight on a plane in 1970. I flew from Houston to Denver to visit my aunt. It was on Texas International Airlines. The plane was a DC-9. It was the early morning “Champaign Breakfast” flight. A wonderful steak and eggs breakfast was served which was followed by bottled Champaign. That’s back when stewardesses were young and beautiful and friendly. Two of them were standing next to me and one asked the other if I looked eighteen, which was the legal drinking age back then. The other said, “Oh, I’m sure he is!” They then proceeded to ply me with Champaign and small talk. I felt on top of the world and arrived in Denver with a good buzz on. Man, those were the days.

  6. I remember as a kid getting on a
    United airlines flight.I was given a “captain’s hat”.
    The stewardess took me to the cockpit
    and I went in and asked the capatin & co-pilot
    ALL about the lights,meters and gauges.Way cool
    for a 7 year old.When I got off I had a set of real
    silverware with United logo on it…

  7. Hat tip to the MSM. That’s a real golden shower as opposed to the fake kind you’ve been trying to Trump up.

  8. Thank you for service cfm990. I think the airlines now are about like traveling Amtrak. Connections to the Reservations.


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