For Some Reason, Biden Froze Over and Over Like a Robot That Was Malfunctioning at CNN’s Town Hall

Becker News:

Beep, bop, boop. It might be time to pull the plug on President Joe Biden after a long night repeating scripted talking points at CNN’s town hall on Thursday night.

There were a number of seriously concerning moments when the president appeared to ‘power down’ in mid-thought or while interacting with presumably fellow human life.

“He’s rebooting,” Kyle Hooten, managing editor of Alpha News, remarked.

“404: President not found,” he added.

“Is he stuck like that forever or?” Benny Johnson asked about a separate senior moment. more

29 Comments on For Some Reason, Biden Froze Over and Over Like a Robot That Was Malfunctioning at CNN’s Town Hall

  1. Of the countless lies and total bullshit that idiot vomited out of his ancient lips the worst was “I haven’t had time to go to the Southern Border.”

    Of course the lie that he has ever even fucking been is bad, but DAMN!

    I wanted to jump through the screen and strangle that evil rat-bastard while Anderson Cooper shit his pink panties!

  2. Gee Wally, that guy sure knows how to clear a room with one of his Brain Farts!

    No kiddin Beave, wouldn’wanna be on an elevator with him!

  3. So, after stealing the election for him, Joe’s the best man the Deep State’s got to sell us totalitarianism, American style.

    How ironic that the Deep State is actually as pathetic as our Federal Government has been all these years.

    The whole thing – the Presidency, the Congress, the media, our military, American corporations – has turned into a giant clown parade.

  4. My favorite part was where he turned and looks at the audience and said “hey, there’s a couple of famous people up there!” What a retard. And Cooper couldn’t decide to shit or wind his watch.

  5. He’s freezing because his microscopic mind is trying to process the info fed to him through his microphone installed deep in his ear. What a fucking loser. Rumor has it next time around he’ll be wearing a shock collar too.

  6. He’s doing this to make Kamala look good by comparison when she gets the title role in season two.Buck Fiden

  7. This is a low budget operation. You’d think *they* could at least have found a doppelganger, but I suppose this way (Biden with full-on dementia) they don’t have to murder someone when his services are no longer needed.

    It’s alarming to realize such a scenario is well within the bounds of possibility now.

    Keep praying guys.

  8. Maybe he’s trying out to be a Dalek, EXTERMINATE! With all the Cybermen and the Borg to back him up. If joey were a robot he’d be a Poindexter or a Waldo wearing a beanie cap with a propellor on top. He’s giving new meaning to the old Firesign Theater album We’re All Being Ruled By Bozo’s On The Short Bus.

  9. Shove the big wind up key up his ass, give it a few turns (clockwise), and let ‘er go. Or just let the spring wind down and send him off to the Island of Misfit Toys.

  10. My grandfather who has dementia before he died would do this as well. At first, we found it comical and thought he was joking around (he was always a joker), but like many of you stated, it was almost as if his brain was “rebooting”. He would come back and either be confused to where he was or be lucid to his location but attempt to deflect what occurred through humor.

    What ‘dear leader’ do the same is not comical or entertaining. It will only get worse as his condition slips. So the natural question is not who is pulling the strings, but what else are they hiding behind the scenes and scheming if they have a full-blown dementia patient in the most powerful position on the world?

  11. His arms aren’t the ONLY thing that goes limp suddenly on him…

  12. I pity this man today. He is being used by his evil wife and a coterie of soulless creatures who need cover for their nefarious acts against this country.
    However, for the Joe Biden of the past, I have no mercy. His greedy, lying, pervert ways are how he got into this position of being used.
    He should be making peace with His maker or, more likely, making his final deals with Satan. He should NOT be in the position he is in.

  13. Thirdtwin – My parents told me that when the ice cream truck played the music, it meant he’s run out of ice cream. Jackass Joe still believes that!

  14. The fist making thing was probably also a way to try to keep his brain focused.
    None of it was successful and even Cooper looked like he would have rather been someplace else.

  15. “We’ve been trying to reach you – your imposter warranty has run out and we offer an extended warranty.”

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