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  1. Is her “larger podium” going to be nailed to the floor? I pick knocking over and collapsing onto podium for the win.

    Why’s her podium going to be larger (to make her appear bigger)? All my learnings said the bigger surrounding things make you look smaller. Are they that stupid? Don’t answer that.

  2. Hillary might come off as caring, charming, funny, intelligent, presidential and trustworthy.


    Yeah. Right.

  3. Oh Man, that’s cold. Funny though. Trump ought to insist on jammers on the stages so that no earpieces allowed. Or, find out where they’re transmitting from, bonk them on the heads and take over. Start feeding Clinton fun answers to questions.

  4. I think a contest at what time she loses it. Either mentally or physically or both. I’m giving her 47 minutes. By that time whatever she has been given to prop her up will have worn up I am guessing.

  5. Eternal Cracker, her podium is smaller to make her look bigger, Trump’s is bigger to make him look smaller.

    Either way, it’s ridiculous.

  6. None of the above. Whatever a medical staff – legitimate or not – can do to keep Hillary functioning for 90 minutes they will do. This is 1960s football – yeah, your knee is completely wrecked, but take a cortizone shot and finish the game.

    The Presidency is Hillary’s goal, and she will let nothing stop her in pursuit of this goal. It may damage her health permanently, and it may even kill her prematurely, but she doesn’t care.

    In just watching both Clintons, I don’t thing either Bill or Hillary will be around in 2020. It is fascinating to watch them self destruct physically in their quest for political power and money.

  7. I picture a whole Exorcist thing happening with a moderator yelling at Hillary—


  8. Moderator: Mrs Seahag, do you think we should put sanctions on Qatar?

    Seahag: You sniveling little shit! Leave my catarrh out of this!

  9. Oh Boy, the MSM are going apeshit today! Every blowhole they have is spewing their drivel and talking points put forth by the demon national collective (DNC). They are all suffering from Moctezuma the Young’s revenge, combined with Grand Mal Seizures. If Trump can keep up his standards of debate and winning, heads will be exploding all over the land. Ignore the fuzzy headed barf trolls running down the streets in your neighborhood. Barky Hussein will be ready with his pen and unsecured blackberry to substitute the Wookie at the first teeter of the old hag.

  10. What was changed to fit Cankles was the height of the diaz she will try to stay atop, to make her look as tall as Trump. She is a short bitch. The podium behind which she will be should be the same size.

  11. “Relax, relax, relax,
    Just a little pin-prick,
    There’ll be no more
    But you may feel a little sick,
    Can you stand up, stand up, stand up?
    I do believe it’s working, good
    That’ll keep you going through the show
    Come on it’s time to go”

  12. aren’t they worried hillary will have problems from the altitude change she will suffer when she climbs up to her raised podium?

  13. Debate will only be 12 minutes, with 60 minutes of commercials and 18 minutes for pee pee and v-jay jay touching, a whole lotta of at a-boys and beginning and ending credits.

  14. I think she will have something akin to a pain pump implant. Whenever she goes over the edge, one of her minions will hit a button and a dose of the “cure” will be delivered.

  15. The Wet Cough/Dry Cough will depend on what meds she is on tonight, and how much phlegm she coughed up during the weeks of her intense training for this event.

  16. Nodding. Nodding to indicate how right she is with her answer. Looks like head bobbing/bobble head. Goes on too long and she does it every time anyone applauds her answer.

  17. Alex, I’ll take DEATH for $1,000.

    I will repeat my opinion of this past weekend. I want this filthy bitch to EXPIRE right there on the stage, in front of thousands of audience members and millions of people watching on TV.

    It’s the only way all the lies, obfuscations, half-truths, falsifications, and bullshit will end.

  18. You know, the stress Hillary has to withstand tonight is yuuuge. Trump merely has to put in a good performance. Hillary must do likewise PLUS prove she’s healthy enough to serve out a term.

    Basically, she can’t do a single thing on the chart. Even a tiny little throat-clearing noise will be scrutinized endlessly. One false move and it’s curtains for Cankles.

    I like the sound of that!

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