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Ford CEO: America ‘cannot continue to import’ batteries, earth minerals

Fox Business: While American consumers and politicians seem to remain split on whether to go pedal-to-the-metal on electric vehicle (EV) production, Ford’s CEO has shared a critical message to those who want them to rule the roads sooner than later.

“No one makes more full-size trucks than we do in America. We have to on-shore this stuff,” Ford Motor Company president and CEO Jim Farley told “Fox & Friends” co-host Brian Kilmeade on Friday. “We have to have mines and processing to build a digital economy here in the U.S. We cannot continue to import batteries and rare earth from overseas. We have to move it to America.”

“We’re willing to invest,” Farley continued, “but we have to have people in partnership with government that’s going to improve mines, improve processing. These sites are really important. We can build all the plants, but what’s the good if we’re importing batteries?”

The CEO appeared on Fox News from Ford’s newest EV plant just outside Memphis, Tennessee, to discuss the company’s latest investment in the American economy as well as ongoing improvements within the EV market.

On Thursday, the automaker announced it’s expecting a $3 billion loss due to Model e investments geared to rapidly boost production of electric vehicles to an annual rate of 600,000 globally by the end of 2023 and two million in 2026. MORE

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  1. He sort of sniffed the edges of the problem. The reality is the world is not ready for mass adoption of EV’s. We need to face reality. Neither the technology or the infrastructure is in place to make this a viable mode of transportation for the masses!

  2. Go EV, make our own batteries (with other nations minerals), we need a digital economy, we need to partner with government, bla, bla bla…

    This guy Farley needs to stay out on the golf course and keep playing with his putz!

  3. No worries, everything will collapse sooner rather than later so the new plants and mines will be moot. And then there’s the sun with the very real potential for a solar kill shot. Good times.

  4. What a statement after the moron caused a loss of 3 Billion dollars.
    If you had a little mentality you would have seen electric rides are a scam.

    I’m afraid Jeep has done the same, shit canned the Cherokee to make an electric in Mexico.
    How in the world do these IDIOTS get jobs in the first place.

  5. A CEO whining about the damage the swamp has done to his company when he drove it through the swamp himself is hilarious. Will investors get the message before they lose everything?

  6. Oh good gawd. Now that is a special kinda stupid. Dumb shit is staring right at the target but shooting far left. Batteries are not the problem. Hiring indoctrinated woke leftists who would die on the altars of DEI, BLM, Corporate Social Responsibility, Affirmative Action, Radical Environmentalism, and Political Correctness is the problem. Time to expunge the CCP from American Academia. They’re doing too much damage.

  7. Have you seen the amount of earth you have to destroy and dig into in order to create a few batteries for these EV Cars??? And the Ford CEO want’s to do that in America? F-U and your EV cars.

  8. Everything they touch turns to crap.
    They will force us if they think they can. Maybe set up toll roads for non E vehicles and then make electric cars exempt until they’re not.

  9. @Toenex, thank you! Yes it’s so destructive that today it happens in China where we cannot see it.
    A couple of years ago we were producing more energy than we could use, and exporting the excess for profit.

  10. @Brad, so complicated now with these buffoons running things…If even 30% of the world gets of the US petro-dollar, we will need to first correct our problems at home and won’t have easy corrections like what Trump was doing by getting us energy independent!

  11. Dumped my NYSE:F more than a year ago. Made a nice C-19 profit from less than $6/shr, but… Should have dumped it a couple months sooner… I don’t have Hunter’s inside contacts.

    The key thing… We don’t have enough copper to replace all the ICE vehicles. Point blank and period, there’s simply not enough Cu ore in the ground to mine. Then you travel the road down thru Li, Co, Nd, Sm, etc… It’s an un-solveable problem in 2023, and this is before you get to the charging & grid infrastructure.


  12. How ever ridiculous a battery car is, a battery semi truck is even more so. At 10x the weight. But semis’ require more range; think LA to Vegas; 290 miles up hill. What will that battery cost? How long to charge and where?

  13. Lack of raw materials isn’t part of the equation, because they don’t plan on letting us travel anywhere anyway. 15 minutes cities is their goal, or chicken coops if you will.
    They look at us like expendable farm animals.

  14. The technology does not exist to make electric vehicles efficient. Neither does it exist to use wind power. It is one thing to invest in research and development to eventually reach that point. Quite another to try and force something on citizens that we know does not work. and won’t for decades, if ever. There is no doubt that this approach involves the transfer of wealth, political bribery/kickbacks and the lust for power over the people. Any sane person realizes this and doesn’t continue to attempt something that cannot be done. The leftist elite have ulterior motives or they live in a fantasy land where they’re breathing too many unicorn farts.

  15. I’ll stick to the obvious (to me at least) part about EVs – –
    It just doesn’t make sense to haul around 1800Lbs of battery when 36 pounds (6 gal) of gasoline will do the same job… unless you like driving a luxury fork-lift!


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