Former Deputy Shot Dead By Police Who Worked With Him

A cop who worked as a deputy from 2000-2010, and resigned, showed up for work and sat outside the employee gate.

When a cop pulled up and asked if he needed help he said, “I’m just waiting for my orders.”

He was described as having a 1000 yard stare. The cop called for assistance because a man was having a psychotic episode.

That’s when he noticed a gun on his lap. When the other officers arrived former sheriff’s deputy  Mark Bidon was told to “NOT MOVE AN INCH.” His hands were on the steering wheel.

When an officer reached into the car to get Bidon’s gun, Bidon reached down and took control of the weapon.

He was shot 9 times, fatally.


21 Comments on Former Deputy Shot Dead By Police Who Worked With Him

  1. I’d say crazy guy who needed to be in a hospital. Not necessarily bad.
    He was “waiting for orders.”
    Too bad he didn’t follow then when they said, “don’t move an inch.”

  2. Seems like they should have training for a circumstance like that so as not to kill a deranged person. The man was sick not evil.

  3. Decedent appears to be a honky, not rich and a former peace officer. Therefore the Marxists can only blame guns.

    Lessons: get help for family if they are psychotic, the system will not keep them out of trouble. Keep your hands on the wheel unless ordered otherwise by an officer. This wasn’t a Shaver Execution (Mesa AZ hotel).

  4. 🌟 There wasn’t any trouble until the police started grabbing things. 🌟

    His hands were on the wheel, and owning a gun is LEGAL. Why is owning a gun NOT legal when you are around police officers? Are they aware we have a 2nd Amendment, or does it only apply to them?

    Remember the guy shot 9 times in Minneapolis? TOLD THEM he had a firearm, cops steps back and kills him with girlfriend and child in the car. For a para-military unit that works with guns all day long, they sure have GUNPHOBIA whenever the public has one.

    (now wait for people to respond that the guy was crazy and had it coming to him, which makes it all Ok)

  5. The tasers weren’t out, the guy had a loaded pistol on his lap, couldn’t respond properly to the cop (“waiting for orders”???) and after being warned not to move an inch he ignored the warning and reached for the gun after the cop reached in to get control of the weapon. As a result he was shot. If a cop has to pull his weapon in a deadly force situation and has to use it it doesn’t matter whether he shoots once or nine times he’s shooting to kill. Not all cop shootings are good shootings, just the vast majority are.


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