Former Eagle Scout Charged in Utah Opioid Distribution Scheme


The trial for a former Eagle Scout accused of making millions of dollars in an online opioid distribution scheme faced a Utah jury on Monday. He is accused of importing fentanyl from China and then making knockoff oxycodone and Xanax pills.

Prosecutors for the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Utah claim that dozens died from drugs manufactured and distributed by Aaron Shamo, a 29-year-old former Eagle Scout. He is also accused of shipping hundreds of thousands of pills and leading an online distribution network from the basement of his Salt Lake City area home, WOWT reported.

Using the dark web, Shamo began selling a half-million fentanyl-looking pills, prosecutors claimed as the trial began on Monday in Salt Lake City. Shamo used Bitcoin to sell his products through a website called Pharma-Master, the Deseret News reported. He allegedly imported fentanyl from China and used the powder to make counterfeit opioid pills. He allegedly raked in more than $2.8 million in less than a year. more here

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  1. How is that relevant? This is what the left does to people. Former “Christian, Conservative, scout” does X. It demeans all Eagle Scouts for the actions of one. Just like one white shooter condemns all whites with guns. You have fallen for the trap.

  2. Untrustworthy
    cheerful morose
    thrifty wasteful
    brave craven

    On the other hand, he may well have been helpful

  3. I agree with Anonymous, above re “Christian, Conservative, scout” does X…

    Don’t forget the military. Always important to describe criminals as military, even if they were kicked out of Basic.

  4. “The online drug dealer, a former milk drinker, made almost $3 million in less than a year.”

    “The online drug dealer, a former public school student, made almost $3 million in less than a year.”

    “The online drug dealer, a former gay rights activist, made almost $3 million in less than a year.”

  5. Mormons aren’t Christian, they are a cult that believes in polytheism. No matter how often they throw the name of Christ around as a dis-tractor, any group of people that believes that Jesus and Satan are brothers are capable of doing anything (i.e. Mitt Romney)

  6. I think they printed the reference to Eagle Scout is simply to note that a person that reaches Eagle is assumed to be brave, honest, loyal, trustworthy, hardworking, and I forget the rest and acts as a huge contrast to what he has become. No attack on Christians was likely intended.

  7. With the new boi/boi-girl/tranny scouts of dystopia, he’ll get the DISTINGUISHED Eagle Scout Award from the national HQ for this. 🙄

  8. One thing I have been dealing with is the fact that good behavior and accomplishment as a youth does not always translate into exemplary adult behavior. Two boys I had in my troop are Chace Beard and Ethan Kollie. Not Eagle Scouts but yep… right at 15 something took hold – pretty dark – you could see some sort of change that was spiritual in nature. As my buddy says – it doesn’t happen in a vacuum.

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