Fredo offers the “I’m better than that” non-apology

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  1. What he SHOULD have said:

    Well, I really fucked up my own shit. I’ll fuckin’ t’row myself down the fuckin’ stairs, OK? I’m sorry but I’m NOT fuckin’ sorry, capiche?”

  2. WHAT A FREDO!!!

    If using “fredo” is like using the N-word then if another tally said it to Cuomo it’s ok right??

    Blacks can use the N word and others can’t- therefore an Italian can use fredo and others can’t.
    Right?!?! That’s the way it works in a progressive world, right?

  3. Fredo actually wrote the word “baiting” in that thoughtful response. Does he know that he has an appointment with a fishing pole and a cold lake when CNN takes him off the airwaves?

  4. “This happens all the time these days. Often in front of my family.”

    Bull. Shit. He’d be squalling about it every day. He’s getting plenty of sympathy from the suck-up cuck Media, but I don’t see him speaking out against the mobs pounding on Tucker Carlson’s door, the restaurant ambushers of Mitch McConnell and Sarah Huckabee, and the antifa beat-down of journalist Andy Ngo.

  5. “I should be better than what I oppose.”

    But you’re not, and now, everyone knows it.

    He’s a sad Italian hothead whose ego writes checks his brain can’t cash.

  6. That was not an apology.

    That was an assertion of moral superiority over someone he verbally assaulted.

  7. Thirdtwin: but those people are enemies of the proletariat. If you don’t realize that then off to the re-education camp with you!

  8. I am 50% Italian and I do not talk like that. Cuomo is a foul mouthed nasty person. And he made actual threats against another person. Nothing but CNN trash.

  9. He doesn’t “oppose” anything him and his fellow commies do. He promotes hate and violence against conservatives from his media platform and then calls his victims “white nationalists” to stir up hatred and distrust against patriots. He’s a liar and a hypocrite.

  10. The thought occurred…

    Does he act like this, or worse, when he’s had a bad day and something his wife or kids do is his last straw?

    Maybe, see… it wasn’t “Fredo”… it was him, already steaming from something.

  11. So he loses his cool over a stranger calling him Fredo.

    Imagine being a nameless MAGA hat wearing Trump supporter, minding your own business, and outta no where a Cro Magnon knuckle dragger decides to clean your clock when you’re least expecting it.

    Cry me river ya dumb wop.

  12. Wow. I had a hard time getting through that video clip. Was Cuomo drunk? Or is he just that unhinged? Anyway, I love the heckler guy that kept his calm throughout. Who the heck is HE? I wanna buy him dinner!

  13. Cuomo falsely claims he’s not Fredo and he’s ‘better than that’ because he fancies himself the tougher “Santino”.

    Which proves without a doubt…. he is Fredo.


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