Former Miss Nevada Joins GOP After Launching Congressional Bid

Epoch Times:

Former Miss Nevada United States, Lisa Song Sutton, launched her congressional bid as a Republican candidate for Nevada’s 4th Congressional District a few weeks ago, saying she became serious about politics recently when she realized her community needs her.

“People have no access to basic amenities, like grocery stores. Veterans aren’t being served, and the community is forgotten. This area in the District opened my eyes to a larger problem: communities not being served by career politicians.

“This, coupled with my own examination of our state representatives, and realizing that we don’t have a voice for business owners, we don’t have a voice for millennials, and we don’t have a voice of someone actually engaged in the community, I knew I had to step up,” the business woman and law graduate told The Daily Wire.

The daughter of a Vietnam war veteran and a Korean immigrant mother, Sutton kickstarted her campaign as a Republican candidate on July 29 with a video on Twitter. more here


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  1. …beauty contest winner,business woman, Republican Congressional candidate AND law graduate?

    …yeah, but can she walk on water? And I bet she eats crackers in bed, too. *snark*

    …OK, I got nothin’. Anyone got her phone number? I want to send my son to Nevada because this is GREAT daughter-in-law material…

  2. …my understanding is that women will NOT vote for an extremely attractive woman. Perhaps some of the ladies here would care to confirm or deny…


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