Trump has the red Maga hat – Biden has this blue one

created by Merry Mouse-

16 Comments on Trump has the red Maga hat – Biden has this blue one

  1. Actually Ol’ “Unca Joe needs to have two hats. That one & the other one, also blue, to be tall & pointed with that logo & the word “DUNCE” on it, so he can wear the appropriate hat according to what he’s flapping his lips about at any given minute.

  2. That propeller needs little hands at the ends, should be depicted as bent and broken with many spots taped or bandaged. Plus the hat needs to look worn, very worn with filth spots and patches that try to hide the filth.

  3. Beanie from Beanie and Cecil was way smarter than crazy joey. The whole democrap party makes me seasick like Cecil the seasick dinosaur. And they’re all less honest than Dishonest John. Yuh, uh, huh!!!! Boy am I ever dating myself by making reference a kid’s cartoon from the late 50′ and early 60’s. You could poke your eye out with the sharp edges on that propeller on joey’s beanie cap. And only nerds, geeks and doofusses wear beanie caps.

  4. @Claudia Glad you caught that. Found the image for the sticker online. Someone else made that.I just stuck it on the hat.LOL. Thanks, Fur!


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