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Former San Francisco DA Candidate Says It’s No Big Deal If Your Stuff Is Stolen

TownHall: John Hamasaki, a radical progressive candidate who ran for San Francisco district attorney, downplayed the experience of recent victims of a robbery that took place in the city, where over $10,000 worth in equipment and passports were stolen out of a car.

Investor Snehal Antani revealed the member of his team was traumatized by the event and they will have to conduct safety briefs before someone goes to San Francisco. Smash and grabs have become an epidemic in the city, with some residents leaving trunks and windows open to show would-be robbers there is nothing to steal.

Hamasaki demeaned the victim’s experience by stating, “Is this what the suburbs do to you? Shelter you from basic city life experiences so that when they happen you are broken to the core?” more here

17 Comments on Former San Francisco DA Candidate Says It’s No Big Deal If Your Stuff Is Stolen

  1. These are the criminals running the criminals. They are there to get the money from the honest hard-working taxpayers and the established businesses. Like rats to cheese.

    Simple!………..Easy money!

  2. So from what I read, his reason to downplay the significance of theft, was to distract from negativity that might affect tourism. I guess businesses that have merchandise that tourists might now be inclined to steal instead of pay for, would find it to be no big deal, as long as no violence ensued.

  3. Hey John Hamasaki, check the bottoms of your shoes. I think you stepped in a pile of shit.


  5. All of your stuff are belong to crooks.

  6. Try stealing his shit and see how far you get!!!

  7. Which explains why they have NO problem tossing your tax dollars at completely asinine projects.

  8. Well, it’s mostly just property crime and ain’t no big deal…hey, where did CVS go?

  9. The bums want to know his home address? No Big deal right?

  10. This is the type of asshole that I would give anything to see get robbed and pistol-whipped just for him to get a taste of reality. Unfortunately, it rarely ever happens.

  11. WYHATT nailed it.

  12. Snuff them, but throw the body someplace anony.

  13. Weird how they never associate their policies to their results.

  14. On the one hand, it is overly sensitive to be traumatized by having $10k of your stuff stolen and your car smashed.

    On the other hand, it is traumatizing if a conservative speaker will be on your campus.

  15. John Hamasaki is an ass wipe*.

    *sometimes, I just have to let it out! hehe


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