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Former Secret Service Agent Spills How Clinton’s Sex Trysts Endangered Lives

Daily Caller: A just published tell-all book from a former Secret Service officer details how former President Bill Clinton’s allegedly obsessive out-of-marriage relationships endangered the lives of Secret Service officers.

Gary J. Byrne, who was assigned to protect Clinton during his White House years, wonders whether “Clinton’s sordid personal affairs worth and officer’s life” as the president often tried to visit his “well-known and lesser-known mistresses.” During one of Clinton’s trysts, another Secret Service agent almost lost his life in a motorcade crash, the Washington Examiner notes.

Byrne writes in “Secrets of the Secret Service: The History and Uncertain Future of the U.S. Secret Service” that Clinton would sometimes order a small motorcade to follow his car around Washington.

During one of these trips, an officer identified as “Reverend” went through a red light and was struck by an approaching car, leaving the Secret Service member with a serious head injury.

That didn’t stop Clinton and the other drivers from allegedly leaving the scene of the crash and the Washington police had to deal with the accident.  That wasn’t the end of the episode however; as the book contends, “Reverend” had to seek legal remediation in order to secure any compensation for his injuries. Byrne says the ordeal severely tested the morale of the Secret Service staff:  more here

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  1. And the moral outrage from the DNC, National Organization for Women, ACLU, RAINN, or Campaign Zero?
    crickets ….

  2. While I was in the SS the Clintons made the Marine Guards serve cocktails to their guests. They hated the Military and the SS.
    One problem with his book. Uniformed Division Officers were not assigned to a Presidential detail. They have worked on certain trips but I never saw a Uniformed Division Officer assigned to a President.
    With that said he is correct on how they treat people.
    WAR ON WOMEN was Billy Clinton. what a complete DBag.
    I met Ronald the great once and he always had a smile on while walking the halls. He always said hello and thanked the SS for what they did.
    It’s a hard and really boring job and destroys marriages.
    Getting killed so Billy gets his rocks off. What a horrible piece of trash. MAGA

  3. The Clintons and the Obamas had strong similarities; their concern was for themselves not the people of America.

  4. Easily the more psychopathic and corrupt family to ever be in politics, and people almost re-installed them back in office.

    Oh how the line of horrors would have continued. . .

  5. Am I the only one who would have acted defiantly? Not Kidding. Where are all those who shamelessly display all those military stickers on their cars? And all those ICTHYS fishes? ptui!

    Take your direction from Scripture. All that needs be for Evil to thrive is for good men to do nothing.

    WhyTF did these brave and dutiful men follow such BS orders?!!!!
    If just ONE stood up and spoke out, how much heat would Bubba have felt???
    He was on the ropes when he wagged his foul finger at all of us and BRAZZENLY LIED about Lewinsky and if then a SS officer had spoken up, it ALL would have been different. History would be different.

    Is there ANYONE collecting a fat government salary that is willing to abide by the Oath they take?
    Nation Under God? That’s a very hard case to make.

  6. “Easily the more psychopathic and corrupt family to ever be in politics…”

    ‘A nation deserves to be ruled by those they allow to rule them.’

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