Former Trump Campaign Advisor Claims The FBI Detained Him And Took His Phone During Interrogation

DC: A former Trump campaign adviser told Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Tuesday the FBI detained him and took his phone when the agency questioned him about Roger Stone and Wikileaks.

Theodore Malloch, a former Trump campaign advisor, was recently stopped at Logan Airport in Boston, “taken into a room and ask questions by the FBI,” and had his “phone under a warrant seized,” with no lawyer present.

Malloch said the FBI had him wait for about 20 minutes, divided him from his wife and searched his belongings, “took me to a separate building to introduce me to two different FBI agents who asked me a series of questions.” He stated that the conversation was “quite chit-chatty for about 20 minutes.”  read more

16 Comments on Former Trump Campaign Advisor Claims The FBI Detained Him And Took His Phone During Interrogation

  1. “He stated that the conversation was “quite chit-chatty for about 20 minutes.”

    Dude. You’d better hope “chit-chatty” doesn’t result in a predawn raid.

  2. Couple of questions, Theodore:

    During your chat with the FBI, did you happen get the names of your interrogators?

    Have you had your phone thoroughly checked by a trusted IT professional?

  3. It’s gotten to the point, where People would rather have been

    abducted b UFO’s and ******* Probed…

    than deal with the F.B.I (Famous But Incompetent)

  4. Get him! Get him! He was seen ordering Russian Salad Dressing at a restaurant, and he was overheard telling his wife that she was not going to make him watch “Doctor Zhivago” again under any circumstances. He is obviously an enemy of the people. What is he doing walking free? Lock him up in the Lubyanka with the other counter-Clintonistas.

  5. FBI = gestapo now.

    What ever happened to simply sending a letter or calling someone on the phone and setting a mutually convenient date for questioning? This is outrageous! A former campaign advisor?? Where was the mid-sentence raid of that kid who shot up the school? Where was the freaking FBI/gestapo then?

  6. I just don’t give a fuck anymore. The fucking swamp can’t be drained.
    They will keep trying to destroy Donald Trump no matter what good he does. I am growing weary. Tired of watching the news, even FOX. Nothing positive, anywhere. I’m tired, tired, tired.
    It seems to me that the left don’t want peace in Korea; don’t want Trump to succeed. Nothing positive, even from FOX. I’m really worn out. Fuckit!

  7. Oh, my dear Moe, after reading that I made you a peach cobbler and it’s hot out of the oven (with vanilla ice cream, if you like). Where should I mail it?

    (Turn off the “news”! I only watch the markets on Varney for a short time in the early a.m. and only Dobbs in the evening. And if Dobbs or Varney have guests on whose opinions are worse than useless, I mute them, too! LOL!)

  8. Tommy,

    Get some sleep pal. It took a very long time to create the swamp, its going to take a while to drain it. something happened today that seems very very important that is flying beneath the radar. Jim Jordan, my favorite wrestler, requested POTUS to instruct DOJ and FBI release all documents un redacted. From what I’m reading, that had to happen before POTUS could actually do it. Fun Fun.

  9. Thanks, Joe! Dobbs also covered this tonight with Jordan and a couple of others.

    We watched POTUS’ California anti-sanctuary city roundtable tonight. Besides being another fabulous roundtable meeting, it afforded another candid look at POTUS Trump’s resolve to beat back the D’s and the Swamp. If there’s a way to fight back against this, he’ll do it. Interestingly, Sessions was in that meeting and gave his remarks, too. There didn’t seem to be any rancor or disappointment/disapproval emanating from Trump toward him. Wonder if something really is afoot.

  10. Lou Dobbs still has one of the few shows worth watching. I should have watched the anti-sanctuary city round table, but I was tied up. I think some good things are coming.

  11. If you get a chance, CTH has the video. It was really good. Just sorry to know that Hamon is leaving, retiring. He’s been great at DHS.


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