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Four gored in Spain’s running of the bulls

PAMPLONA, Spain (AP) — One bull chosen to take part in Saturday’s San Fermin festival took one look at thousands of thrill-seekers waiting to be chased down Pamplona’s narrow streets and scampered back to the safety of his corral.

angry bull

It was like a scene straight from Munro Leaf children’s book “The Story of Ferdinand,” about a bull that prefers smelling flowers to bullfights.

The reticent bull in Pamplona, named Curioso I, barely ran 20 yards (meters) before heading back. Meanwhile, his five ornery stable-mates gored four revelers — including two Americans — and injured five others with cuts and bruises as they hurtled through the northern Spanish city.  more


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  1. How disappointing. The bulls can do better.

    Maybe all this was caused by a flag?

    Or maybe this would be a good way to choose political candidates?

  2. This is a brilliant way to choose political candidates!

    First, set up a gauntlet of 500 meters with no exit. On one end, 40 violent bulls of the most bitter temperament: On the other, 40 starving African Lions. In the middle, every progstain who would ever consider running for prez. And between all of them, an assortment of Black Mambas, Pythons, Salt Water Crocs, and several thousand Sydney Funnel Web spiders. Several hives of Killer bees dot the path. Set off some roman candles beneath each bee hive, and let the fun begin. The role of each politico is to act the victim, of course. The animal who eats the most progstain meat without vomiting wins the nomination!

  3. Patient: “Doc, it really hurts when I do that!”

    Doctor: “Then stop doing that.”

    Cause and Effect 101.


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