illegal alien criminals

The anchor baby scam was invented 30 years ago by a liberal zealot, Justice William Brennan, who slipped a footnote into a 1982 Supreme Court opinion announcing that the kids born to illegals on U.S. soil are citizens. Fox News is treating Brennan’s crayon scratchings on the Constitution as part of our precious national inheritance. AnnCoulter: Based on the hysterical flailing at Donald Trump — He’s a buffoon! He’s a clown! He calls people names! He’s too conservative! He’s not conservative enough! He won’t give details! His details won’t work! — I gather certain Republicans are determined to drive him from the race.

These same Republicans never object to other candidates who lack traditional presidential resumes — Carly Fiorina, Ben Carson, Newt Gingrich and Herman Cain, to name a few. I’m beginning to suspect it’s all about Trump’s opposition to mass immigration from the Third World.

Amid the hysteria, Trump is the only one speaking clearly and logically, while his detractors keep making utter asses of themselves.

By my count — so far — Fiorina, Chris Christie, Rick Perry and the entire Fox News commentariat are unfamiliar with a period of the nation’s history known as “the Civil War.” They seem to believe that the post-Civil War amendments were designed to ensure that the children of illegal aliens would be citizens, “anchor babies,” who can then bring in the whole family. (You wouldn’t want to break up families, would you?)

As FNC’s Bill O’Reilly authoritatively informed Donald Trump on Tuesday night: “The 14th Amendment says if you’re born here, you’re an American!”



  1. Fox has lost me, even my beloved Redeye was taken over by a lame, has-been comic.
    Still DVR Kelly but FFW through most of it.
    Two Gays cannot have a baby, how can two illegals have a legal one?
    What is it they don’t understand about illegal?

  2. Mark Levin covered this topic in a clear manner on his radio show and on Hannity’s show last night.

    i had to turn the Bill O’Reilly show off last night, he made me so angry.
    He wouldn’t let his guests speak more than three or four words (as usual) before he had to butt in, even though his opinion was based on no expertise on this subject.

  3. F**k Bill Oreally and FOX news, both are useless, completely GOP establishment and more left leaning all the time. If you want the truth you have to get it on the radio or here on the internet.

  4. Fox News WAS the only viable source of news, but it’s Bish bias has shoved its ethics aside and stomped them to death.

    I have stopped watching all Fox programs, except The Five. The arguments on that program are becoming more outrageous, to the point that it will hit the trash bin soon.

    The travesty, disguised as a ‘debate’ was in pure reality a Trump witch hunt and it was ridiculously apartment! Shame on you, Fox.

    Megan Kelly has turned into a smarmy Nancy Grace/Rachel Maddow parody. So sad to watch.

  5. O’Reilly and his ilk worship the SCROTUS and can convince themselves that they can actually see the “penumbras” “emanating” from the Constitution. They conveniently forget that the SCROTUS is a foul collection of politically appointed lawyers who have sold their souls to Satan and arrogate unto themselves the “right” to make law out of thin air, to the detriment of our Republic, with no regard for the Constitution or the American people.

    Fuck Bill and Fuck the SCROTUS. Part of the problem, not part of the solution.

  6. Finally – people are seeing FOX for what it is….same shit, different name..I admit, though, I want to look up Gretchen Carlsons skirt..imapig

  7. I have been calling Bill O’Reilly, Mr. Parole for some time now. He never lets anyone finish a sentence. He is an irritating prick For once I would like to hear someone say to him. “Would you shut up O’Reilly and allow me to finish my own sentence.”

  8. I was a loyal Fox viewer until they regularly bashed Trump without citing any specifics. This was before I felt one way or the other about Trump.

    Krauthammer – who I usually agreed with – called him a “rodeo clown”. Why? Based on what? Same with Jonah Goldberg who I always liked and Steve what’s his name. They did the same thing to Trump as the left wing Alinskyites. Personal attack with nothing to base it on.

    I tuned into Fox for the debates and decided I have no reason to watch that network.

    I switched cable companies so I can get my news from One America.

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