Fred Astaire Dances With Hat Rack

Who, today, is this talented?

This is amazing.

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  1. Pretty impressive alright. Do you suppose that was an off the shelf hat rack, or was it machined and balanced for that purpose?

  2. The secret to that “talent” was PRACTICE. People like Fred Astaire spent COUNTLESS hours practicing their steps BEFORE stepping in front of a camera.
    Film is and was expensive. So the incentive was to get it right with as few
    takes as possible. Nowdays with digital video they can take and edit together
    just about any garbage and make it look good. Back then America had a WORK ethic….and that ethic included the entertainment industry.

  3. Love Astaire. Almost as brilliant as his dancing was his insistence that all his dancing be filmed from head to foot. Meaning that any recorded image of him dancing includes his head and his feet.

    Think about how many recorded images of people dancing where you see only them from head to waist, or waist to feet. Fred, and by extension his dancing partners, were seen head to foot so their dancing talent was obvious (or not!) Plus, it adds to the viewers experience and enjoyment.

    Astaire also did most of his own chorography.

    A rare and peerless talent.

  4. Wouldn’t it be nice to bring that kind of…oh what’s the word I’m looking for…CLASS back to Hollywood?

  5. Nobody in Hollywood is that talented anymore. Just wait until they finally get the CGI down pat, then the virtually illiterate commie actors will be replaced as well.
    That’s right you stupid freaks, they scan you once, and you’re no longer needed, better learn another skill besides lying on your backs.

  6. What? No twerking?

    Seriously though, wouldn’t it be great if the cultural pendulum swings so far to the left that we begin to experience a revival, and people see real talent and learn to appreciate it? Among other necessary changes.

  7. Crazy Joe Biden tried to dance like that once but ended up calling out to his wife “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up”!

  8. cheryl JANUARY 24, 2021 AT 1:44 AM
    Ah, but can that hat rack dance backwards and in heels like Ginger?

    She said when working with Fred they would rehearse so long her feet would be bleeding.

  9. See, Not all Nebraskan’s are as useless as Ben Sasse!
    I grew up in Omaha, way after Fred was famous, if I started to use any of those moves, I would have been subjected to a quick dose of judgement in the form of a boot dance!
    Loved Fred and Ginger!

  10. Best part when he kicked the pin…and went temporarily AIRBORNE.

    Great vid @BFH, very cool.

    And what’s a metronome? Haha…

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