Fredo and the Streisand Effect


Patriot Retort:

I’m sure by now you’ve seen the viral video of Chris Cuomo losing his marbles after a guy called him Fredo. 

Turns out Fredo Cuomo has a bit of a potty mouth. I guess he figures the best way to prove that he isn’t the weak, dumb brother is to use the F-word with wild abandon.

But profanity is not a sign of toughness. Rather it is the refuge of the weak.

Now, people have been calling Chris Cuomo Fredo for years. And thanks to Chris’ hysterical meltdown caught on video, it’s likely even more people will be calling him Fredo from here on out.

It’s even trending on Twitter.

This is called the Streisand Effect.

For those who don’t know the etymology, the Streisand Effect was coined after Barbra Streisand sued a photographer for violating her privacy after taking an aerial photograph of the Malibu coastline that included her estate.

But thanks to the lawsuit, far more attention was brought to that photo than would have had Streisand simply not done a thing.

So the Streisand Effect has come to mean “when an attempt to hide, remove or censor a piece of information results in said information becoming more widely disseminated.”

Chris Cuomo is trapped in his own Streisand Effect.

I just did a Bing search on the name Fredo Corleone and guess what came up first? There’s more!

17 Comments on Fredo and the Streisand Effect

  1. fredo effect is when you prove to everyone you’re an absolute slime bag by acting like a slime bag as you are screaming you are not one

  2. The actor who played Fredo has a grounds for a lawsuit against Box-o-Rocks Cuomo for appropriating his character.

    Real world Fredo is an exaggerated version of that character.

  3. I remember when Hillary was on the cover of People mag back in 2014, and everybody started joking that she was leaning on a walker. The whole MSM went into furious fact-check freakout mode to prove to the world that it was NOT A WALKER. All they succeeded in doing was to make everybody wonder why they couldn’t laugh off an obvious joke, unless it wasn’t really a joke. Hillary might have avoided a lot of negative health coverage later if she’d just ignored the walker thing and kept the media out of it.

  4. Your temper is what happens when you’re cranked up on all the steroids you take while working out at the gym Fredo!

  5. Anybody defending Fredo’s unhinged rant risks being labeled as a “Cuomo”. Don’t be a Cuomo.

  6. Fredo C. could defuse this whole thing by doing something very simple. Whenever anybody taunts him by calling him Fredo, he could smile, point at them, and say simply, “You lose! Thanks for playing!” and then walk away. I’m confident the taunts would cease after a short while.

    I say could defuse because this approach is only theoretically possible. It will never happen that way. Fredo couldn’t possibly do this because he is Fredo.

  7. Just when I think one Cuomo brother is undeniably the stupider Cuomo, the other one chimes in with a new winning entry in The Imbecile Sweepstakes.

  8. The look, that ‘derp a duh’ face, the guy looks the complete putz! Now we find he acts the part too! How to be known as Fredo forever and always in one easy lesson! Whadda frickin maroon!

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