Fresno State Professor Says No One Can Do a Thing About Her Vile Barbara Bush Tweets

A Fresno State  professor, Randa Jarrar, wrote some vile tweets about Barbara Bush, even saying that it delights her to think that her death is causing George H.W. Bush pain, and then bragged she makes 100 grand a year and she cannot be fired no matter what she says.


Here’s the number for the president of Fresno State, Joseph Castro.

  • P 559.278.2324


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  1. “hmmmmmm…”?

    Exactly…let’s make her INFAMOUS, guys!
    When we’re done with this fat skank, I don’t want her to be able to live in the homeless San Fran camps!
    What a sick fucking cunt! (apologize to the ladies here at IOTW, I don’t use that word often, tho when I do, you can bet I mean it!)

  2. I profess she needs to shove herself away from the buffet 2 plates earlier……….she should be fat ashamed and smart ashamed if she has any shame at all.

  3. Mrs. Bush may not have been the classiest of First Ladies but she didn’t embarrass the country either. She could have read to me anytime.

    This “professor” should be dealt with quickly and cleanly (culled from the herd me thinks as she seems fairly bovinical)

  4. She’s the epitome of the bumper sticker that says Save a whale, harpoon a fat chick. I wonder how much lard they could drain out of her. Sooie, sooie’ here piggy, piggy, piggy. She needs to fired yesterday and never allowed to teach ever again at any level.

  5. Hope she enjoys her little piece of interweb fame. No good thing befalls such hate. There will be no reports on her demise. No one will miss her.

  6. They told me if Trump was elected President, we would be showered with vile, nasty tweets, and they were right.

  7. Aye Cap’n, there she be off the port bow …

    What are ye waitin’ ye scurvy dogs?

    Harpoon that whale!


    Aye cap’n – after we hauled the huge beast aboard we found a hundret gold pieces in it’s belly.

  8. They say that –
    “Beauty is only skin deep, but ugly goes clear down to the bone”
    But they say she’s not fat, only “big boned” –
    Big boned for a Mammoth that is…

    MSG Grumpy

  9. Academic Tenure is one of the last bastions of the Old Guilds
    Stop all Federal funds to all colleges.
    Let them survive on the value of the product they produce

  10. “… she makes 100 grand a year and …”

    About what a half-assed plumber makes.
    The problem with these “Hey! Look at me!” asshats, is that, sooner or later, somebody does.

    She is either a reflection of the school’s principles, or she isn’t.
    If she is, then the school’s a cesspool.
    If she isn’t, they need to be rid of her.

    izlamo delenda est …

  11. Beauty may be only skin deep but eventually deep seeded ugliness makes its way to the surface.
    Exhibit 1: See picture above.

  12. You cannot get that fat eating veggies, bet her keyboard is as sticky and greasy as a diner exhaust hood.

  13. Some people have no respect for themselves or others. Sad so many of them are “professors”.

  14. She has diabetes written all over her face. She needs to lay off those pork carnitas and lard infused tortillas.

  15. I see her passing like Mama Cass in the future. The autopsy will find a two year old tuna sanny in her abdominal folds.

    A pig on the inside & out.

  16. A vivd display of just how stupid liberals are: she assumes her ‘tenure’ makes her invincible and proceeds to make her employer fatally vulnerable.

    Hope the faculty votes unanimously to deport her ass to Moronica. She hurts every college prof nationwide.

  17. Had a nice convo with a gal at the office over there (when you pretend to be a lefty you get so much further with these conversations.)

    Professor Jarrar is in the review process and tenure does not cloak her from dismissal from Fresno State.

    Whether she’ll be fired or not, who knows?
    But life is not good today for someone who’s publicly reveled in someone’s death with the claim they are invincible.

    She is currently on “leave.”

  18. Fresno State is a little liberal island surrounded by a very conservative AG sea. Fresno LEO shot and killed a knife wielding muzzie a while back. She better not venture into the country side.

  19. Bitch needs to go back to Palestine. Then she needs to share her food with atleast two villages. Why should we have to pay for her gastric bypass in the coming years?

  20. This Kuwaiti / Egyptian ball of hate is a perfect example of why the left’s push for diversity is a very bad idea. This hag has added nothing of positive value to American culture. And likely a great deal of harm as a professor.

    She should not be allowed to remain at the college, though I heard the college has said they plan no disciplinary action.

  21. Pregnancy can jumble your hormones to the point where you make outrageous statements. When will the Quints be born?

  22. Pregnancy can jumble your hormones to the point where you make outrageous statements. I wonder when will her Quints be born?

  23. Another soulless so-called poet Mira Gonzalez, has joined the nutty professor believing it’s time to jump for glee.

    Writing, “it is taking all of my self control to not tweet ‘barbara bush die slow b*tch.” and “Ding dong the witch is dead.” Including a twitter posted video of someone is a skeleton suit dancing on graves. .

  24. What an obnoxious blowhard. Feminism in academia, what do you expect. Just as long as she doesn’t eat me.


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