President Trump Cancels G7 in Miami – Now Seeking Alternate Venue

What it is: Trump offered TND at no profit, zero cost.
Not to mention the cash the surrounding area businesses could earn in sales.
What it looks like: Dems and media are stank buttholes.

16 Comments on President Trump Cancels G7 in Miami – Now Seeking Alternate Venue

  1. I think Trump was playing them again. He made them reveal themselves as the petty little tyrants they are.

    I bet he anticipated the response from liberals and maneuvered them. Very adroit.

  2. I don’t think he ever expected to host the G7. My best guess is that Trump will tell the public that he tried to save taxpayer money but the swamp wouldn’t let him.

  3. Tim, you may be right.

    Trump has forced everyone to show exactly who and what they are. Maybe deliberately or maybe just because he’s Trump, buy everyone is showing us exactly what they are and what they really stand for.

  4. Maybe he’s just waiting until after his re-election (which is 1000% in the bag ♥). Then he’ll say he decided to go back to the original plan (and Communist-Dems will cry) but yes, Florida will be the venue. He is so Artful with his Deals ♪♪

  5. Oh, oh, I goofed…tho’t the next G7 would be held in 2021. My sin, which I’ll confess before Mass in a couple hours. Regardless, our president is still an Artful Dealer.

  6. Correction: Not zero cost – AT cost. Zero profit.

    Bit of a difference there.

    Otherwise Doral would picking up the tab for everything they do there, employee pay included, and that’s just insane.

  7. “Doral would picking up the tab for everything…”

    If that had happened Judge Nap would say this would be bribery of a public official – Doral bribing Trump to host the G7!

    Trump could be the perpetrator and the victim of the same crime.

  8. Now schedule the event at some place owned by a high-ranking Democrat and them point out that no one is complaining when no one complains it is a conflict of interest.

  9. Putting them all on notice…total boss move. President Trump is just getting rolling and is five steps ahead of his opponents who, in their self-important arrogance, believe they are playing him. He’s selling them the rope they will all hang themselves with.

  10. The Dems should pick a shit-hole city — many to choose from !!

    How about in California, with the meetings held in candlelight ??

  11. PRESIDENT Trump never gives a corn-filled Schumer shit what the left nor the media say about him. He totally made them all look like the corn-filled Schumer shits they all are. BRAVO DONALD YOU MAGNIFICENT BASTARD! 👏👏👏👏👏👏


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