Bad Lip Reading: The Joe Biden Edition

While candidate Biden never sounded more coherent, it’s the dummies in the crowd nodding in agreement that stand out. Watch 

9 Comments on Bad Lip Reading: The Joe Biden Edition

  1. Those people nodding in the crowd are probably spliced in from unrelated crowd videos. The series of head shots depicting deep-thinking voters (the Democrats always have this in their campaign ads: 1 middle aged white woman, 1 young black woman, 1 hispanic man, 1 middle aged black man, 1 Asian (doesn’t matter to them, male or female), are paid models.

  2. @AA That’s probably why the left hates MAGA hats so much, it ruins their shot of the attentive crowd member they’d like to splice into their own campaign ads.

  3. Funny video, but I resented the hell out of having to sit through a 30-second video of Tom Steyer trashing PDJT before I it.


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