Friends Defend Suspect in Bloody Machete Attack on Jews: He’s a Victim of America


A man charged with hate crimes for a machete attack on Hasidic Jews at a Hanukkah party in New York is not a terrorist but rather a victim of mental illness and America’s failures, according to family friends.

Grafton Thomas, 38, was charged Sunday morning with five counts of attempted murder and one count of burglary for allegedly breaking into a rabbi’s home in Monsey and going on a stabbing spree the previous night. On Monday, federal prosecutors announced hate crime charges against him.

According to the federal complaint, investigators recovered journals from Thomas’ home in Greenwood Lake, New York, that contained anti-Semitic sentiments, including references to Hitler and “Nazi Culture” “on the same page as drawings of a Star of David and a Swastika.”

The day of the machete attack, Thomas’ phone was allegedly used to access an article headlined: “New York City Increases Police Presence in Jewish Neighborhoods After Possible Anti-Semitic Attacks. Here’s What To Know.” He earlier in the month searched “Why did Hitler hate the Jews” and for Jewish synagogues and companies, the complaint said.

However, Thomas’ pastor of 10 years, Reverend Wendy Paige of Hudson Highlands Cooperative Parish told reporters that he is “not a violent person.” Rather, she said, he had simply been let down by “U.S. systems.”

“Grafton is not a terrorist, he is a man who has mental illness in America and the systems that be have not served him well,” Paige said, according to the New York Post. “I have been his pastor for a long time and I have seen him, he is not a violent person, he is a confused person.”

Paige, who spoke down the block from Thomas’ home, where he lives with his mother, seemed to be responding to New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo calling the attack an “act of domestic terrorism” during a visit to Monsey on Sunday morning.

The pastor said Thomas has suffered from mental illness for more than 20 years and has been in and out of hospitals for treatment. She did not say whether he had been diagnosed with any condition or prescribed medication.

Taleea Collins, a friend of Thomas’ mother, said outside the home that Thomas is “a lovely person.”

“Grafton has always been a loving, loving man towards me. He calls me ‘auntie’ sometimes,” she said. “He’s just a lovely person. I’ve never seen him be violent, and I know that he suffers from mental illnesses.” read more

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  1. I’ve heard it reported on a few obscure sites that he was a recent Muslim convert.

    Which wouldn’t surprise me, their hatred of Jews and all that stuff.

    But he is still personally responsible for making the choices that led to his actions no matter who or what he was, Muslim or not and mentally ill or not.

  2. I hate it when people knee jerk outta their dead crusty ass and blame “mental illness.” That’s a devilish cop out of the highest order.

    If you DO NOT listen to your psychiatrist and your life sucks again well…YOU’RE RESPONSIBLE.

  3. I’m sorry but if “Pastor” Wendy has known him for 10 years what specifically has she done to help him become less confused? Was there a father figure in his early life? Does she include herself as part of the “system” that failed him? I thought churches were supposed to help families in need not just stand by and accuse the system for its failures.

  4. This is the obama/jarrett legacy. Soros’ and iran’s money at work.

    Now that racist POS michelle obama is the new mouthpiece.

  5. “let down by the system.” Which system would that be? The one where blacks are given a pass for committing crimes agains’t whites?

  6. The attorney actually used the phrase “gentle giant” to describe him.

    You cannot make this shit up.

    “No one gets out”, The Giant gently reminded his victims.

  7. Perhaps we need to start a Go Fund Me site to finance purchase of one way airline tickets to Africa for all these “African Americans” who hate America, receipt contingent on rejecting their US citizenship. I’d put in $1,000.00. See how many takers there are

  8. He was aware enough where to go and what to bring, what the hour of the start and what side of the blade to cut with. Too bad for him no one was armed to put him out of his misery. All the excuses smells like a load of fertilizer on. a freshly planted lawn

  9. I wonder if Wendy has any sermons in support of Israel?
    If there’s a part of America that failed it would be to be able to defend yourself and others.

  10. So this attack stopped because the animal “got tired” of swinging the machete and decided to leave and the attack in Texas stopped because somebody put a bullet through the attacker’s head.

    Pick which outcome you prefer…

  11. “Perhaps we need to start a Go Fund Me site to finance purchase of one way airline tickets to Africa for all these “African Americans” who hate America, receipt contingent on rejecting their US citizenship. I’d put in $1,000.00. See how many takers there are”

    Um, you might want to look into my history.

  12. Iranian Militia Leader Leading Iraq U.S. Embassy Raid Listed as Obama White House Guest:

    How much money did obama and kerry get as kickbacks from the cash money shipped to Iran on palettes?

    Follow the money on this idiot, too. You’ll find obama, soros, the DNC hollywood, and harvard’s fingerprints all over it.

  13. Mentally Ill my ass.
    Stuff this evil man in a Mongolian Starvation box and airlift him to an undisclosed location the center of the Great Mohave desert
    Check back in a month and empty out the box.

  14. Miss Wendy knows e v e r y t h i n g about him, she knows who is to blame, knows all about his mama n nem… except for why he attacked Jews. Wendy, come on. Wendy… Seriously.

  15. He is a BURDEN on Society. As Willie & Toby Kieth sang, ” Take all the rope in TEXAS and find good ole oak tree…”

  16. Considering who his friends and family are, it should be no surprise they support his evil attack against Jews. This attack was motivated by black liberation theology, a Marxist offshoot operated by a gang cult, the Black Israelites. Now in an attempt to a life sentence, the perp is playing crazy – no doubt he’s possessed.

  17. – no doubt he’s possessed.

    I’d happily possess him!

    Strong side right, modified condition zero (one in the pipe, safety off, mag inserted D/A – S/A), just pull the trigger and left appendix cross draw snub for backup…

  18. @ Liberia: I AM somewhat familiar with “your” history. But “You” made it. One of the things I remember is that “You” adopted our Constitution, among other American things, only to later abandon it and its proscriptions against government excesses, nepotistic government and tribalism. Not my or the USA’s problem…


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