Orthodox Jews Open Carry AR Rifles After Anti-Semitic Attacks


Some members of New York’s Orthodox Jewish community were seen open carrying AR rifles at a community event on Sunday, a day after a man attacked a rabbi’s home with a machete, sending five people to the hospital with injuries.

Another attack occurred in Jersey City earlier this month at a Jewish grocery where where four people were killed.

The two attacks specifically targeting New York City’s Jewish community appear to have motivated some members of the community to arm themselves in self-defense.

The armed men were attending a community event intended to strengthen spirits in light of the traumatic events.

New York is a state that enacts some of the most Orwellian gun control policies in the country, and some questioned if the men’s rifles were legal under the state’s laws. Open carry is heavily restricted in New York, and only “featureless” AR rifles that contain cosmetic modifications can be legally bought and sold in the state.


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  1. If that crazy bastard had barged into a house in Israel he would have been summarily shot and the party would have continued after he had been hauled outside

  2. The second amendment is open carry for every citizen. There is great confusion over what “shall not be abridged” means.

  3. They should declare their neighborhood a 2nd Amendment Sanctuary. If the NYPD shows up to enforce their illegal gun laws, politely ask them to leave.

  4. My first thoughts were to wonder where they got those rifles in NYC.

    Not that they shouldn’t have them, but Jews tend to be very law abiding people and I’m surprised they either already had them or knew where to get them in a hurry.

    Wonder what the police are thinking about it, and the politicians as well.

  5. andy cuomo (the retarded governor), will have to check and make sure the magazines only have 7 rounds in them.

    this according to his “safe act” he recently had pass into law

  6. Everyone needs to adopt the Israeli system-if nothing else, an armed society is a polite society, and all too many members of society evidently weren’t taught any manners

  7. American Jews now want to carry weapons. But, as a group, they will protest if you do so. And they will continue to vote Libtard. Weird.

  8. Cmncentsguy, (my iPad doesn’t seem to have a cents sign) no but Chris Kyle and his buddy were killed at a gun range. Two is not quite a mass killing, but it’s a helluva loss. I wonder what happened to the shooter in that incident.

  9. @ Jerry M: Wilson and FDR were pretty prominent anti-Semites too – not to mention the NYT and other bastions of jouranalism during WW2. It’s a nasty virus…

  10. Bravo.

    If most Jews continue to be liberal, they are not listening to the right people. I expect the conservative, Orthodox Jews to have a much better understanding of what to do to protect themselves and how to vote in future elections.

    I will add that for a group like the Jews, generally, to eschew self-defense and the 2A in the face of hostility is not easy to understand. What is so difficult about understanding that warped people out there wish to see you dead?

  11. President Trump has made Jews a federally protected class. They now have special rights to do as they please, because they can be victims. Of course, so can Christians, but no federal protection for them. Gun rights should be equal, but the on-going agenda is to take away the guns from the law-abiding.

    A columnist writing at AZCentral.com suggests it was “terrifying” that parishioners were armed at the church in White Settlement, Texas.
    by AWR HAWKINS31 Dec 2019

    Diaz then turned her attention to “the at least six other parishioners” who were armed and “who also appeared to draw their handguns at West Freeway Church of Christ.” She added, “That’s terrifying.”

    She did not explain what was terrifying about parishioners being armed nor did she point out their self-control or the responsible conduct they demonstrated while their firearms were drawn. Rather, Diaz wrote, “Have we really reached a point when each of us need to carry a firearm anywhere we go? Gun advocates certainly think so. They point to Wilson and the new Texas law that allows him and others to carry firearms inside the church.”

  12. ANON

    ” Jews tend to be very law abiding peopl” You clearly know no MOT! There is a good reason why so many MOT go into “Jewish Engineering”! to keep MOT’s like: Harvey, Woody, Jeffrey…. out of jail!

    Mszel Tov Hasidim!

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