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“Fur-ternity” Leave


Nina Hale, a digital marketing company in Minneapolis, just introduced a policy that allows its employees who have just gotten new pets to work from home.

They’re calling it “fur-ternity leave. More

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  1. Leave? It isn’t “leave” if you’re working, even from home.

    I don’t see anything inherently wrong with this as long as the new pet owner’s productivity remains acceptable.

  2. I don’t care what a company chooses to do, they can create whatever benefits they want to try to attract talented employees.

    I bet CA passes a law by the end of the year though. I do care when a government forces a company to offer any specific benefit, it reduces the salary they can then pay and just makes everything worse.

  3. Maybe Big Fur Hat…and Lincoln’s Hat had a little Soiree

    and now have an Anchor Hat in an Illinois Museum….

  4. Great. So instead of having children, they can pretend to be as responsible. Why bother with actual people?


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