Ga. election chief Raffensperger in ‘coverup mode,’ says plaintiff in Fulton Co. vote fraud suit

“If he’s trying to intimidate us, it won’t work,” said Voter GA co-founder Garland Favorito.

Just The News: An attempt by Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger to block physical inspection of ballots cast in Fulton County, Ga. in the November presidential election is part of an election fraud “coverup,” voting integrity activist Garland Favorito charged Tuesday in an interview with Just the News.

In December 2020, Favorito’s organization Voter GA filed a suit against the then-chairperson of the Fulton County Board of Elections based on a sudden, implausible spike of 20,000 votes in favor of Joe Biden on election night, along with sworn testimony from hand count auditors who say they saw batches of counterfeit ballots during the county’s post-election hand recount. The witnesses cite uncreased ballots, different paper stock, and ballots marked with toner instead of writing implements as reasons for their suspicions. 

Based on the affidavits and other evidence, the judge in the case found probable cause to conditionally unseal the county’s ballots for a forensic audit. Voter GA was given until March 25 to submit a plan to the judge detailing what the audit would look like — which experts they were going to use, where the audit would take place, etc.

Last week, Raffensperger, who is not a party to the suit, filed an amicus brief in an attempt to block the effort to unseal and examine the ballots. a Republican who has resisted demands by former President Donald Trump and others to investigate claims of vote-counting mischief in the state’s 2020 presidential vote, more here

Raffensperger with his CCP friends.

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  1. If they were honest they would have no issue with an audit so we pretty much they cheated big time for slow Joe

  2. With claims being made about phony ballots with no creases, different paper stock than real ones, toner printing and marking instead of real printing and hand marking, etc. this demand of images only ballot examination doesn’t look good.

    I wonder if Raffensperger considered this when he started demanding of physical access to the ballots being forbidden?

    If he didn’t he’s incompetent and should be removed from his position for that reason, if he did he’s deliberately trying to prevent the truth about the ballots from being disclosed and should not only be removed but criminally investigated as well.

  3. Look into Raffy’s finances. Me thinks you’ll find Chinese money. Who gains the most financially from Trump’s defeat…..? China.

  4. Talk about ungrateful. Ratsburger and his gang cheat and continue to cover up the stealing of the election for the Dems and then the lefties turn around and call them racist and Jim Crow over changing some voter laws.

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