I kind of pictured it that way, sadly. I thought that it was going to be a very intimate method, given they were on the road together making each other nuts riding around in close quarters.


The Teton County Coroner kept the presser brief, revealing Gabby died by strangulation … while maintaining her death is a homicide. He also estimates the time she was killed might’ve been 3 to 4 weeks before her remains were found.

As for why it took so long to come to this conclusion … the coroner says they were waiting on toxicology, as well as for certain specialists — like an anthropologist, who was apparently consulted for this — to weigh in … saying they wanted to be exact and get it right.

The coroner also noted … Gabby was NOT pregnant.

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  1. That toxicology report delay thing is real. I’m waiting for one on a kid who died on me a couple months ago. The coroner says the tox screens should be back by the end of the month. It’s public record, so no HIPAA.

    I haven’t voiced my main suspicion, and I won’t until I read it.

    But if it says what I suspect it will, there will be more to say then.

    A lot more.

  2. Very sad. Just an ignorant kid. I hope Brian Laundrie sitting in a bunker someplace stewing in what’s he’s done. A real piece of shit.

  3. Yeah, but niggers be dyin’ every week up in here and don’t nobody be carin’ about that…

    …including us.

  4. Too many young people think making it in life should be easy. Many, like Gabby, think all you have to do is travel around the country and post where you are, what you are doing, what you are eating and posing in cool places for the camera. BOOM, you are an internet influencer and never have to have an actual job where you have to get up and be somewhere and perform tasks without screwing up. If life was only that easy.

  5. I was expecting overkill after seeing that video of her and her own admission that she was pounding on him and scratching him. One never knows, but she had all the signs of a loop-de-loop woman completely on the edge.

  6. Brad — I’m sure you’re right. I’ve always thought his lawyer knows where he is. His crime is horrid but in this current climate of “toxic masculinity” and white boys being on the bottom of the social credit score, what sort of real justice would he have got from public opinion and the courts. That’s right: “Fry ’em!” Not defending him at all, but there are degrees of homicide, and I’d bet it wasn’t premeditated. He better be gone or dead because it’s too late for him to make a case now.

  7. Any news on if the police have started digging around the parent’s backyard after the drone footage? I would think they would leave no stone unturned.

  8. AA

    I totally agree. His arrest and perp walk followed by several years of trying to make him look like the victim doesn’t seem much like justice. Of course, we haven’t seen much justice lately.
    If that were my daughter I would have done everything I could have to prevent her from moving to Florida. I realize she is/was of age. She seemed really inexperienced and some what immature.
    Every time I see that footage of her sitting in the Utah Hiway Patrols car sobbing the veins poke out of my neck. I think it should have been prevented/stopped there.

  9. Pretty surer Brian’s parents know where he is. They helped him get away, and then sent the cops chasing their tails looking in the swamp. He is most likely alive, being too much of a narcissist to off himself. Southern border is porous in both directions; he will eventually get spotted. Remember a few decades ago when Dog got arrested in Mexico for nabbing the rich playboy wanted for murder in the states? I foresee something like that in Brian’s future.

  10. Brad: I agree, cops in Moab definitely dropped the ball. She had all the classic battered woman signs that they missed.

  11. Tony R

    Yes, disturbingly so. As a matter of fact I think as a civilian stumbling on that cluster I would have told her, Oh hell no. Your not getting back in that van. I think I would have offered to put her butt on a plane back to her parents.

  12. Tony R
    OCTOBER 12, 2021 AT 4:45 PM
    “Brad: I agree, cops in Moab definitely dropped the ball. She had all the classic battered woman signs that they missed.”

    Doesn’t matter if you see them. I had a lot of this in my squad, and a ton of resources to offer them to get away from it. Most wouldn’t admit it, those that did went back anyway for kids, pregnant, low self-esteem (gaslit, physically scarred from BF/hubby, or both), no way to support themselves threats, drugs, not wanting family to know the truth, “I can change him”, they’re “in loooooove”, and on, and on, etc., usw., until you’re ready to scream at them youself, which will scarcely help.

    She’s also just as likely to attack YOU for suggesting such a thing, especially if he’s in earshot. Her beating later may be gentler then, or so she hopes.

    She may also avoid family so THEY don’t get beat. Some punks don’t mind beating up a mom or a sister or a friend to get to their inamorta. And she knows it.

    It’s fucked up. It really is. Worse now because he can use her cell phone to find her, and the cops don’t want none of this, particularly if a protected class is involved. I don’t know the answer. I tried as much as I could, even some things best not published, but usually to no avail.

    Like with a drug addict, you can’t help someone who won’t even admit there’s a problem.

    They have to WANT help…

  13. Uh, the only physical marks of abuse were on him, not her. He had bruises and scratches, and she admitted she tugged on the car’s steering wheel (he was driving) and he hit the curb. She also admitted to punching and scratching him.

    Why they didn’t just break things off and head home, I think, is because neither of them were mature enough to figure out they were just wrong for each other and brought out the worst in each other. That’s where the Utah police screwed up. They could see the problem but didn’t have the wisdom to know it wasn’t going to get better by their little intervention, or the courage to interrupt the inevitable.

  14. Just so you know: I’m not defending the indefensible — murder. But I am saying that there are psycho chics out there who can make anyone lose their ever-loving minds and go postal; especially a young man who is immature, probably sleep-deprived from sleeping with one eye open, and with little impulse control (owing also to age).

    She may have had success with being physical with other guys; who knows? Moab police should have arrested her according to their own laws. It would have ended the road trip with her alive.

  15. Yea but they had several witnesses of him punching, pushing, shoving her.
    I’m not sure how closely you followed this but there was a female officer, that claims she’s have nightmare now, that had her talked into bailing out of an abusive relation ship. And she agreed. Part of that conversation was recorded on her body cam. So she talks her into re evaluating this relationship and the offers her no way out. Stuck in a van with the guy that’s using her as a punching bag.
    AA no doubt there was a real lack of maturity issue going on. My concern is the next day more violence occurred and she basically said fuck you you fucking fuck, and now she’s dead.
    Utah Hiway Patrol knew what was going on. They should have offered a way out. My opinion anyway.

  16. Maybe the bitch wouldn’t shut the fuck up!
    Thas why my first wife … uhh … Jill says don’t mention it …

  17. Brad
    OCTOBER 12, 2021 AT 6:30 PM
    “Yea but they had several witnesses of him punching, pushing, shoving her.
    I’m not sure how closely you followed this but there was a female officer, that claims she’s have nightmare now, that had her talked into bailing out of an abusive relation ship. And she agreed. Part of that conversation was recorded on her body cam. So she talks her into re evaluating this relationship and the offers her no way out.”

    You’re right in assuming I’m not familiar with the particulars in this case, I don’t follow these because I’ve heard this song so many times before, and it’s always a tragedy. Even in my own family, my own sister, that guy’s in a nice cold hole that hopefully ported him to a very warm lake, but that doesn’t make it any better for her.

    I don’t know what modern cops in Utah do. I had cards and phone numbers and even some bug out stuff I carried on squad that I’d try to give the gals for shelters for them and their kids, told them the folks there could be discrete and get them to safety and a new start, kids too, and offered to hook them up with social workers at the hospital, passed info to the cops when approproate, did my level best to get guys put away when it was the right thing to do, did some extracurricular stuff i won’t say more of, all kinds of things, basically anything short of offering to shoot guys and marry the women myself, I never left them hanging, nor did anyone I ran with, or our cops.

    I don’t know how much it helped. I can’t know who called later. I do know we sometimes got the gals again with fresh bruises, sometimes worse, sometimes dead. The guys would get out, and take it out on her as a rule unless she ran, and not everyone had somewhere to run to, or the sense, or the guts.

    Like I said, it’s a fucked up thing. I don’t have a magic answer. Maybe cops don’t try to help now, maybe they never did in Utah, maybe this, maybe that. There’s aways more you could have done, but it’s never clear it would have changed anything.

    Like I said, these are pretty universally tragedies, this one seemingly amplified by the stupidity of youth. I don’t know what makes this gal so famous,what I’ve heard really doesn’t seem that unique.

    Sad, but there’s plenty of sad to go around.

    Modern society likes to have this “strong independent woman” fantasy, mostly so they can pretend everything is all right and go back to watching TikTok videos in peace. Could be that here, IDK. Nice that the cop has nightmares, but its not gonna bring her back.

    It’s never hard to second guess yourself when someone you had contact with dies.

    But it’s very rarely useful either.

    She may go out with this memory and save the life of the next one.

    Or make it worse.

    Only God knows.

    I do not.

  18. Brad — I don’t know, you’re probably right about this. I’ve seen too many women — not a lot, but too many — play the victim with the water works, to think she didn’t have a big part in her own dangerous game with the guy. And from I saw on video, I could just as easily see the story differently. I could see her in a fit of rage shoving him over a cliff at Yellowstone, but continuing her road trip and posting “influencer” vids to her social media.

    I guess I’m not a #MeToo-er. And in this case mine is just an idle curiosity which isn’t my style and I shouldn’t be commenting at all about it! There are two families whose lives have been destroyed by a series of choices and I’m sure there is a lot of self-recrimination going on. And maybe that’s why it’s of interest to so many. There hasn’t been any big story about either of these kids or their families which would shed any light on how it came to this. I think it makes people uneasy that they seemed so ordinary.

  19. Anyway, back to where Laundrie is, he’s either dead or out of the country or someone (like his parents) is helping him hide.

    In theory, the last scenario should be the easiest to uncover, IF the cops are doing their job correctly. There will/should be intense surveillance on anyone who might have reason to help him hide.

    I seriously doubt that he left the country. I don’t see the financial means to pull that off. My bet is on that he’s dead.

  20. “Brad — I don’t know, you’re probably right about this.”

    No, I claim no higher ground. All I know is this shouldn’t have happened. And like Dave Chappelle, I guess I’m a feminist. LOL.

  21. agree w/ all that this is a messed-up situation, but in the end I agree w/ Brad … ‘… this shouldn’t have happened’
    everyone here has broached the subjects, she was showing symptoms of ‘battered-woman’ syndrome, he/she had anger issues … & on & on. like SNS said, nobody really knows
    all we have now is a young woman is dead from strangulation, a boyfriend on the lamb, & a whole lot of speculation

    RIP Gabby … no matter what you did, or go through, you didn’t deserve this fate

    (btw, has anyone noticed how her father, step-father & Laundrie have resemblances? … not casting aspersions, just observing)

  22. ” no matter what you did, or go through, you didn’t deserve this fate ”

    Yes, you captured what I was failing at communicating. That’s the money thing there. Very sad.

  23. Young females can’t tell bad guys from good guys.

    She shoudn’t have gone with him.

    She should have found a boyfriend at Church.

    She should have armed herself.

    She could have just stayed home.

    She could have gotten herself to a nunnery.

    She could have worked full time at a real job and learned how to be independent.

    So many other routes to have taken instead of becoming a victim of a loser.

    It’s a shame and an unnecessary waste of a life.


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