Gallup Poll- Improvement in Race Relations Since Trump Has Been in Office


A new Gallup poll indicates that satisfaction with race relations and the position of minorities in America have significantly increased since President Trump took office.

The findings deliver a significant blow to the media-driven fiction that Trump is a racist.

Gallup’s survey demonstrates numerous categories in which the President has improved the lives of Americans since relieving Barack Obama of his duties in January of 2017.

The polling indicates double-digit improvements in how Americans view the nation’s economy, security from terrorism, military strength and … the state of race relations.

Gallup also reports increases in “the position of blacks and other racial minorities, the distribution of income and wealth, and the opportunity for a person to get ahead through hard work.”


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12 Comments on Gallup Poll- Improvement in Race Relations Since Trump Has Been in Office

  1. That’s obvious to anyone, how often do you hear about race riots now compared to their almost weekly occurrence under Obama?

    Part of the reason being that Trump has vastly improved unemployment among Blacks, whereas Obama just ignored it. There are other reasons as well.

  2. Over half a century of Civil Rights, Equal Opportunity and endless affirmative action programs resulted in the election of a Black President. All this equality is causing the Left to lose it’s collective shit over the fact they can’t push the “racist” narrative anymore, especially with a President like Trump who has shown them up with kept promises, actions that speak louder than his words and accomplishments that have done more for minorities than Jeramiah Wright´s God-Damn-America-hating, Kenyan Kremepuff ever thought of doing! It has forced them to fabricate incident after incident to “prove” the threat from so-called White Supremacists, Nazis and the Ku Klux Klan that seem to be running wild all over White suburbia! Well, I’m sure there are a few out there somewhere, but in my 67 years I’ve never met one!

  3. There was a reason race relations were bad under that treasonous cocksucker obama and that fat piece of shit he towed around as his ‘wife’: it was to divide and conquer.

  4. @Anonymous JANUARY 30, 2020 AT 3:22 PM

    ” it was to divide and conquer.”

    No “it was to divide and conqueer.”

  5. Obama’s Division is the biggest thing I cannot ever forgive him for. People actually died because he stoked the fires of class, color and social conflict.

  6. Bad_Brad – I think you’re right. I think (I repeat, think) that the Left is getting a glimmering sense that people are tired of their shit and it’s losing effectiveness, especially in the Black community! They can’t fight the numbers and as the old saying goes: Facts are stubborn things! The other time-honored saying is: “Actions speak louder than words” and President Trumps actions are over-shouting anything the Left is fabricating.

  7. Even better than the level pre 2008 election, whereafter for 8 years the 0 dragged it to perhaps the lowest in history, that is probably another reason the demonrats want Trump kicked out of office. He’s taking away their level of sure thing support, bit by bit.

  8. Soros’ organ-grinder monkey obama was put in place to foster hate and divisiveness, in order to divide society so the soro gang could conquer.

    Remember: obama hateman in chief al sharpton was actually considered a viable presidential candidate during Bush II’s years.


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