Game Stop

Sad part is, the story is kinda believable.

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  1. Epstein not dead, I’m sure he has a contingency plan in in place. Pathological liars, pedophiles, and democrats are like that.
    But, I repeat myself.

  2. If this story were true, giving a family in Venezuela 200 million dollars would be a cruel thing to do.
    The Venezuelan (socialist) government would seize the money for the “good of the people”.
    It would end up in Maduro’s and his cronies pockets before the family found out it was sent.

  3. He had to make a cardboard Mario Bros. game and then posted it on YouTube?
    With his carboard phone?

    I have no doubt that Nintendo is suing Paco and his family.

    Wall Street – Here be Monsters!

    izlamo delenda est …

  4. Whatever you do, Paco, don’t build your own cardboard voting machine. Dominion will come back there and mess you up bad.

  5. “Socialism and starvation sure brings out the creativity!”

    Then America should become much more creative over the coming years.

    A cloud covering every silver lining, or something like that.


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