Gavin McInnes VS Everyone [Part 2]

Warning! So much salty and snarky language  🙂

My favorite part begins at 23:45

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  1. Gavin McInnes is the best talking head talent out there.

    He is so warped, yet so solidly right-wing, grasping so quickly and funnily exactly where the flaw in a leftist’s argument is.
    I’m a huge fan.

  2. Like Donald Trump he takes some getting used to but if you can get past your dislike for his style, he makes a lot of sense

  3. What are you guys watching?
    When I clicked it was 4 minutes in.
    Hitting the fat chicks with their own bullshit.
    He is funny, seen him before.
    I too enjoyed the dumb bitch that didn’t know what a coyote that smuggles people in from Mexico was.

  4. He’s a Southern Belle? I know a bunch of Southern Belles who would kick his ass.and never break a nail.
    People suck, a leg humping Rottie is preferable to most people.
    The redhead needs a tuneup, and a bra.
    Don’t leave any loaded handguns around him.

  5. “DatshudStoppemfromFloppin”
    Lol! The guy is a riot. And I remember that part with the SJW broad he did the interview with; he really knows what buttons to push and when.

    But I’m a little concerned about his tattoo, strange place for a guy to have a tat. And did he really kiss that guy on the lips, the guy on the stage? Couldn’t tell from the camera angle.

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