A Little Too Hot


Boat owner Jon Ray of Blue Springs, MO (suburb of Kansas City) was out in his very expensive Formula boat on The Lake of the Ozarks this last weekend when he ran the thing over a rock break water and up on land.  State troopers arrested him and have charged Ray with intoxicated boating and excessive speeds.

The ironic kicker is the name of the boat – “Coming in Hot.”


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  1. Reading the sheriffs report today in the paper and came across this gem.

    “Stolen vehicle recovered after driver used OnStar for directions.”

    Made my day but I am easy

  2. The guy I got my first reloading press from was out in a boat and was hit from the side by another boat, the driver of which was drunk.
    Now, I never talked to him about it, just to avoid an embarrassing subject, but I am told by others that the propeller of the other boat cut his dick off when it passed over his boat. And he walks with a cane now. It gets pretty bad in the Ozarks, the drunk boating, don’t know about the rest of the country.

  3. The state of NH left a boat on some rocks (known as The Witches) for weeks in order to remind the public not to be stupid after a couple was killed when they hit them.

  4. A neighbor on my lake decided to take his power boat out for a spin in the middle of the night after a round of drinking. Cut a fishing boat in half right off his boat house and killed two people.

    Drunk and careless boating goes on all the time.

  5. @Davy, true story. The guy owned a sportsman’s store. The other boat ran over the top of his boat, the propeller ran right across his lap.
    Ruined that guy’s life, but he still kept the business going for awhile. Good man, everybody liked him.

  6. Whenever you see a Guido Boat like that type, invariably the owner is the shortest, fattest, loudest, smallest-dicked dude around. and he has a Mr T Starter Kit of gold chains to make sure you know it.

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