CNN Blurs Out Man’s Trump Shirt During Interview

Clinton Network News affiliate, HLN, interviewed a man who saved a baby from a hot car.

HLN wouldn’t allow the man’s Trump shirt to get on the air.


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  1. Back in the day didn’t they pride them selves as being uncensored news? I believe they did. Not so much anymore. “CNN, with an agenda”. Fuckers.

  2. Bastards are hard at it, like rats trying to claw their way out of a toilet as it’s being flushed. They know what will happen to them when Trump is President. Flush those turds!

  3. The harder CNN squeezes, the more people get squished out of their lying grasp.

    This is like a gift.

    The fact that they tried to cover it up makes it more powerful.

  4. State run media.
    Welcome to the New Communism of unnecessary, over-reaching, over-bearing, out-of-control, dictatorial “regulation”, now with insane Bathroom Rules for Radicals, sanitized transcripts for our “protection”, Massive Corruption, State-run Media Propaganda, and Voter Fraud.
    We’re only a short distance from the DemocRat party winning by 100% or a ginned-up coups d’état.

  5. I wouldn’t have allowed myself to be interviewed by any journofister presstitute with an agenda and a bias, from any of the DemSM. And I would have called them that on air while closing the door in their face.
    I’d rather give the interview to a HS student and have it printed in the HS and local town papers.

  6. Trump should sue for theft of publicity.

    The case might get tossed, but it’d be fun to watch the CNN legal department running g around in circles trying to fashion a good defense.

    There isn’t any.

  7. Anonymous directly above is @greetingsfromyonkers.

    *steps back and sternly admonishes tablet for misbehaving*

    *stops cold, as did not consider: maybe it’s Bush II’s fault*

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