The Left and the leftRight Are Running Around Saying Trump Lied About Not Having a Discussion About the Wall

Trump went to Mexico. He had a meeting with the Mexican president. When asked, he said there was no discussion about the wall.

The Mexican president tweeted out that he told Trump that he wasn’t paying for the wall.

Morons ran around screaming that TRUMP LIED!!!

Uhhh, the Mexican president saying, “we’re not paying for the wall,” is not a discussion. That’s a guy making a statement, which could very well have been followed by Trump saying, we will discuss it at another time.

Which, for morons playing at home, means there was no discussion.

Got it, morons?

Have I called you morons lately?



23 Comments on The Left and the leftRight Are Running Around Saying Trump Lied About Not Having a Discussion About the Wall

  1. they are so clueless about the groundswell


    in the meantime, pay no attention to the sick criminal hillary behind the curtain

  2. Get shoveling el Presidente, that wall isnt going to build itself.

    neverTrump said he wasnt going to build a wall, then neverTrump builds a wailing wall.

  3. Bob and I mentioned this earlier. He has no choice, the dumb turd. He’s just opened NAFTA up for negotiation. Build the wall Tarrif. Enrique is fucked. He just doesn’t know it yet.

  4. Also l, I haven’t looked this up yet, I will tomorrow when I’m on a PC, I bet old Enrique was edjimicated here in an Ivy League Uni. And he just got his ass kicked by DJT. Wasn’t even close.

  5. Mexicans are pissed off at their preezy. lol

    “Trump didn’t alter his positions one little bit,” Hope said. “He just dressed them up a little in less incendiary language.” HAHAHAHAHA

  6. The Right Poop is currently imploding. There’s Super Mex White guy shit flying all over the place. Man I’d like to meet that ass hole.

  7. Trump was talking about the wall at the press conference to nieto’s face and again in Phoenix, in public. They already know Trump said he wants a wall, so was that the discussion? I don’t know. 3rd world Nieto can say whatever he likes and throw his little fits on Twitter. Who cares?

    I’m sure the same thing was repeated in the meeting:
    “listen, you heard me, we’re going to have a wall.”
    —I’m not paying! No way jose!
    “Yeah, whatever- we’ll talk that out later”

    An actual “discussion” of the wall would entail blueprints, cost, where, when, etc. offer/counter offer and it would involve more than just Trump and a translator in the room. He’s a fucking builder. He’s not going to come in there and discuss a big project without his people and plans.
    Would YOU?

  8. Maybe the discussion went like this.
    Mexican President: “We’re not paying for the wall.”
    Future American President: “We’re not sending your country any more money.”
    Mexican President: “How high do you want it?”

  9. I’m just not understanding what the big deal is. If Trump was telling us the same thing he told Nieto, what is the problem? He told EVERYBODY on the planet so I guess he discussed it with everyone? And he isn’t president YET anyway.

  10. …aaaaaaand those morons would include
    Greta van Sustern and Eric Bolling.
    We happened to be watching Fox (ugh)
    to kill time between MayHeeKoe and Phoenix
    and had to shut it off.

    They began virtually every sentence
    with that, as soon as that tweet came out.
    Doing the foot work of the DNC.
    Shame on Fox.

  11. Boy, I Say Boy! Yer really quick at jumping to confusion!
    They’re just vocalizing the same knee-jerk reaction they normally have when they hear something from a democRat son!

  12. Nah, they know what they’re saying. We know what they’re saying. They don’t like Trump. They don’t want Trump. They’ll lie all the way to November to dissuade people from voting for Trump.

    We’re building a wall. Mexico is paying for it. 9 words, no links.

  13. The Mehicans are in a swit because they know the gravy train ride is coming to an end and the bill is coming due! By the way, they still owe us untold billions for all the care and keeping that we the taxpayers have provided to their invading horde!

  14. paying for the wall is simple. there are billions of dollars being sent south by illegals. Tax the shit out of money orders going out of country. If we taxed them enough it may not be profitable to work here. Any smuggler caught returning funds south should forfeit all funds.

  15. It’s all right there, what Trump is doing, in “The Art of the Deal”. If these wet rags would read it, or even just skim it, they wouldn’t say things which make them sound so foolish.

  16. If Progs didn’t have “sounding so foolish”, jumping to conclusions and knee jerk reactions, what would their platform be?
    Free stuff, we’ll make whitey pay for it.

    “It isn’t so much that liberals are ignorant. It’s just that they know so many things that aren’t so.”- RR

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