Gay Celebrity Bull Saved From Slaughter Has Evolved

There was a bull in England named Benjy that wasn’t performing his studly duties, so he was slated for slaughter. There was a campaign to save him, spearheaded by a gay magazine and the creator of The Simpsons, the deceased Sam Simon.

The bull was shipped to a sanctuary, then castrated.

The bull is no longer gay.




11 Comments on Gay Celebrity Bull Saved From Slaughter Has Evolved

  1. Czar, I have two candidates to consider…1. The biggest pile of BS America has seen in years, and 2. Her husband MooseHell

    MSG Grumpy

  2. …”Judging by what he was trying to do the other day with one of the cows… he isn’t gay.”

    Sometimes, you really don’t appreciate things until they are gone.

  3. “Sooooooo … if we castrate Obola he’ll turn into a man?

    I’m just not seeing it.” It’s too late Tim. “Michelle” did that over a decade ago.

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