Gays and Leftists Are Infuriated That “Gays Are the New ISIS” is trending on Twitter

It’s all fun and games when leftists and lefty politicians call the TEA party terrorists when the TEA party has never threatened anyone’s lives.

Memories Pizza has gotten death threats from the imbecilic left because they will not go along with the gay mafia’s Sharia law.

I was as tolerant as the next person, but I’m getting angrier and angrier with this notion that gay marriage must be celebrated or your life is destroyed.



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  1. Good, let them be infuriated. S’bout time they got a taste of their own medicine. Buncha whiny putz’s.

  2. I just ordered a Pizza from:
    Kevin O’Connor
    Memories Pizza, 608 Roosevelt Rd.,
    Walkerton, Indiana 46574

    I wished him well and told him I’d pick it up one day. Half anchovies and half Pepperoni

  3. Hey, the queer supporters and idolizers are now totally out in
    the open. All those cretins who are openly favoring and supporting perversion, deficiency, immorality degradation, buggery, evil, and depravity can now be identified for who and what they are They are now out of the ‘civilized’ closet and their names will be forever on the public record!

  4. Fascists have no sense of humor.
    It was all fun and games when they were calling Tea Partiers “Tea Baggers”. Even though I remind them every time they do that it is physically impossible for me to do that.

  5. Haha, actual teabaggers getting upset that non-teabaggers are using Saul Alinskys rules. You learned it to us biotches!

    The “issue” is never the issue. The issue is the COUNTER-revolution

  6. Obama won’t even call ISIS MUSLIM TERRORISTS!
    And I’m supposed to be worried that we use hyperbole against the left?

  7. The old ISIS or the new ISIS, they are still a group of sodomites who have a penchant for the taste of peanuts.

    Works for me. I bet both groups have given attention to refining tactics for Kristallnacht.

    And those dastardly criminal masterminds. How dare they set up some reporterette to dupe all us christofascistbaggers into supporting their bigoted cause.

    The fund for the family’s pizzeria will top out before the end of the evening – tomorrow latest – at a mil. It can’t buy happiness – not that I would presume they need any, but it can rent some peace of mind.

  9. I was tolerant if the queers kept to themselves. Not any more. There ARE the new ISIS, or AT – anal terrorists. They have the same hallmarks of the moose limes of overwhelm and overpower infidels.

  10. They are NOT gay – they are perverted Fascists.

    “The perverted Fascists, homosexual degenerates, are the new ISIS. When they aren’t licking their own shit off of other guy’s dicks, they’re threatening law-abiding citizens.”

    Yeah … I guess it’s too long.

    Why aren’t they being rounded up and prosecuted?

  11. lawrence Billy Jones who started the GoFundMe is, among many other things, black. Any pne surprised the Leftards are piling the hate on extra high at a man who is both black and conservative?

    The fund is approaching $800,000. Good! They can buy security against the *ssholes who have threatened to burn the store down, You know, the tolerant left.

    I’ve had my fill of shit wits today. Caught a very liberal leaning neighbor dumping his trash on our property. He instantly started a whine about how he has no job and can’t afford Obummercare or a trash pick up contract. Shit wit voted for Obugger twice, can’t keep a job longer than 6 months due to his big mouth and bone laziness. Exactly the kind of idiot who wants the welfare state to give him his ‘baba’ and change his diaper.

    The GoFundMe for Memories is welcome good news.

  12. Perversion Be Upon Them

    I haven’t donated to the pizzeria yet — I don’t do on-line transactions. But if it doesn’t break a million $$ I will ask one of my kids to hit the tip jar for me. You can’t slap those angry, intolerant, faggots hard enough. The million mark is gonna be mighty painful for them.

  13. if the world was 98.5% gay and 1.5% straight, would they be as tolerant of the straights as they demand the straights are of them at 1.5%?

    You know they would say “We’re all about inclusion and tolerance” but evidence would suggest no.

    They (the perverted left) have zero tolerance for anything remotely Christian or anything that would in any way promote wholesomeness over perversion.

    Methinks that if there were just 1.5% straights left the homoqueer army would go after the remaining straights with pink AK47s.

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