That’s how they roll


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  1. It’s our own fault, we let them do it. At some point a stand has to be made, if not the filth and perversion will run rampant

  2. Perfect illustration of the queer tyranny. should be a crucifix lying on the road too.

    Yes Irish, we let this happen. Now we need a Ted Cruz to mobilize the majority and slap this first amendment threat down.

  3. I never had a problem with homosexuals until they decided that I guys like me are their enemy. Now I hate them.

    They are 1.2% of the population. And, of course, they are sissies. You’d think they would remember that, on some level.

    If they want war, let them have it then. They won’t win. They can’t.

  4. A guy I know once said “back when I was in the Army they made sodomy legal, so I retired before they made it mandatory”

  5. God ignored Sodom and Gomorrah until they kept pushing their filthy perversions onto humans, and ultimately, demanded that everyone, even the Angels of the Lord, participate.

    Humans need to take a stand and put the perverts back into the closet.

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