They don’t love this Lucy

i love lucy statue creepy

Lucille Ball fans want ‘frightening’ statue in star’s hometown removed


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  1. Moe Tom, I’m seeing elements of Helen Thomas in that also.

    Burn it! Burn it with fire!

    (You know Lucy would.)

  2. Perhaps they got a discount on the statue of another person who couldn’t pay for it, they said: “Hey, it’s a woman, close enough, we’ll take it!”

  3. “Statues rarely look exactly like the person they’re intended to honor. – In any case, relax.”

    But they tend to at least look human, no? This guy is a fucking joke.

  4. After having put my two cents worth in; I don’t like any sort of graven image of anybody, no matter who it looks like.

  5. I’m pretty sure I know whut made Gracie Slick, Victor Mature, Tom Petty, Helen Reddy, Tom Cruise, Oscar Wilde, Al Hirt and whut gave Gomer Piles, but I’ll be damned if know whut possessed some asshole to make this!

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