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George Santos Issues a Memorable Line

You can’t make this stuff up.





I don’t know what you’re waiting for, but that’s it. That is the memorable line.

Santos said, speaking about the inability to elect a speaker-of-the-house, “you can’t make this stuff up.”

Oh, I dunno, Santos. I think you could.

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  1. After Shave
    McCarthy Says: He Learnt quick and now knows how to lead.

    Air Lines Says: We are working on getting your skin bag back in time

    Fox News Says: All Sleeping Pill Bundles Get One Free GODS Books Bundles of Books and guess what? Yup. IT’s FREE!
    . . . and no Gutfeels for you.

    Not The Final Sellout
    Everything Must Go

    PS: Keep Saturday and Sunday open. You never can tell all in advance.

  2. Lessee…..Santos is a habitual liar who is now in the House and Buttigig is a thieving, embellishing political appointee. What in the world could they have in common?….Yep, they’re both faggots….I bet they steal luggage at airports too….

  3. “.Yep, they’re both faggots”

    Nope. He lied about that too. Personally I think they should make him swallow a few dicks just to get comfy with the idea. But only Jew-Ish dicks.

  4. Santos is a bad guy, so naturally CSpan tries to associate him with MTG because he sat down next to her. And they assume the jeers from the other members was because of what he is, and not whom he voted for (McCarthy)

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