George Will had reduced himself to a small man of big words

American Thinker:

For president, George Will comes out for Senator Michael Bennet (D-Colo.), the lefty who’s progressive but not crazy.  Personally, Bennet’s announcement was the first I’ve ever heard of the guy, and it’s jarring that Will, for no other apparent reason than Trump animus, is now beating drums for Democrats.  He was once well thought of by Republicans.

Will has revealed himself to be another small-minded little man of big words.  That’s what the Left always loved about him.  Like Adlai Stevenson, he sounded smart and well read and went to the best schools and conducted himself with appropriate arrogance, sniffing disapprovingly of the unwashed and finding America falling ever short.  Those superficial traits will take you far in the liberal Game of Thrones once you get your foot in the door.

There was a time when Will really did contribute meaningfully to the national discourse, but with the passage of years, we see his true self coming into relief.  He never was a conservative or even a classical liberal.  He has always been the little boy who couldn’t play baseball or football, trying to get attention by sounding clever.  It worked for a lotta years, before the rest of us caught on to the larger game. more

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  1. Agreed, I never trust some man-child with such sycophancy for a sport played by mortal men.
    I get being a fan but this asshole gets his panties wet for a game played 162 times a season.

    George Will isn’t qualified to park cars at Mar-A-Lago.

  2. Monitoring his downward spiral om msNBC.
    Must suck to be him and realize his lifetime legacy is shit.
    Someone is living in his head and it’s knot me.

  3. George Will is to conservatives what Fauxcahontas is to American Indians.

    Will has been exposed.

  4. I can remember when George Will was the Republican man of letters. He was an erudite little man with words of wisdom for almost any occasion. People actually made a point of listening to his opinions and seriously considering them. During the Reagan and Bush years, George Will was someone who’s pronouncements meant something. Then along came Clinton and Bush and then Obama. By then he had run out of original, conservative thoughts and he embraced Obama as a fundamental transformer. When Donald Trump came down that escalator, George Will couldn’t accept how much Trump wasn’t like Reagan or either of the Bushes. So the prissy little man became a Never Trumper, and the eclipse of George Will becomes yet another thing we have to be grateful to for President Trump’s election. Now, George Will has turned his coat and endorsed the only candidate who is duller than he is, Michael Bennet.

  5. The smugness of this self absorbed poindexter is laughable. He’s waiting to be proven right about Trump so he can gloat to the doubters.
    His steadily diminishing reputation will never be able to crawl back out of the hole. His pettiness and arrogance have lifted the mask he created years ago and exposed the small minded man he’s really always been.


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