America: From Apollo to WOKE & BROKE in 50 Years

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  1. Fuck this dude. Even setting the playback speed to 2X couldn’t get me to listen to him bitch and whine.

    You live in Cali and visit Washington state loser, the hell did you expect to see?

    Also, knock off the sweeping general statements about America. Not all of us are as whiny and helpless as you are.

  2. I thought in 1969 that we would surely be on Mars by 2000!! But NO!!! The US government decided that a better use for trillions of dollars was to create a welfare state and pay blacks to shut up and breed. This was mostly the fault of democrats and they should never be forgiven for killing the destiny of the US!!

  3. I hope the dude is wrong that July 20th, 1969 was America’s zenith. (about 2 months after I graduated HS). Leaving us to go the way of Greeks that can only glory in the accomplishments of their distant past.

    Quite the “right stuff” from a group with Pickett slide rules – thereby proving that attitude and clarity of thinking is more important than computer apps to successfully do great things.

    In 1984 7/20 was made an annual holiday. Space Exploration Day, aka Moon Day.

    (the below webpage has a bit of Apollo 11 trivia I did not know. It states Apollo 11 launched on June 16th, landed on the moon July 20th, and safely returned the 3 astronauts to earth on June 24th. Nice bit of time travel, returning to earth before they landed on the moon, I guess. Or they just need an editor to proof read their online post) .

    However, lately on some days, today’s holiday seems to fit the mood, and be the appropriate childish response to the leftists lunatics grabbing the headlines. .

  4. In 1969 we sent men to the moon. Today we are unable to even send anyone into orbit. All we can do is project a picture of the 1969 launch on the Washington Monument..

  5. I was 16 in 1969 and this was one of the greatest moments of my then young life. 50 years later I don’t know what to think at times because of all the divisiveness and disunity in this still great country. However I am still optimistic that this too shall pass but at a great price, either we have to fight to get our country back or we do nothing and lose it to a bunch of democrap and RINO malcontents who want to destroy America as it was founded. I still believe that our side along with a renewed faith in God and in the American dream will prevail. God help my children and grandchildren if it doesn’t and maybe when the last baby boomer is finally gone things will change from how bad our generation has screwed things up since the late 60’s and early 70’s. I will never give up and let’s hope that the vast majority of us deplorables and normal people will do likewise. God is our only hope but Donald Trump may be one of his chosen messengers born for such a time as this to help us get back on track, I certainly hope so.

  6. Fifty years…

    69′ married and at SIU until they asked me to leave…

    Oh well, still married to the same woman


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