PJW: I Love Ilhan Omar. And so should you.

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  1. Mini Soda
    Election Fraud
    Sandle Scandle
    Two HOT HOT HOT toe handles

    Some Oily Peoples

  2. I’d love to pull the release on the CATAPULT – that fires her sorry ass across the Atlantic and BACK into Shitholeistan! 😁

  3. Overwhelming evidence of indefensible felonies. Immune from prosecution because fellow Muslim Keith Ellison is Attorney General. On the other hand President Trump is guilty of all rumors without a single piece of evidence. The MSM is going bankrupt and no one in the MSM knows why.

  4. PJW is another British SOB that can kiss my homesick ass! Does he take lip lessons from the cardashians? That guy needs to man up.

  5. I’m thinking Omar had a clitorectomy when she was a Sammy … it’s no wonder she’s so bitter

  6. Pasted from my dictionary/thesaurus:
    evil (adj);
    wicked, malevolent, sinful, malicious, criminal, immoral,foul, vile, nasty, horrible, unpleasant, revolting, disgusting, obnoxious

    I couldn’t agree more.

  7. Joe6, have you been hacked?
    You blasted President Trump earlier and now PJW?

    If the democrats have a circular firing squad it doesn’t mean we should too.
    I know you will say the same about Trump denouncing the chants but I think he needed to just to move on.

    Have a Snickers!

  8. Whatever four women do they must do half as well as Trump to be thought twice as good by the media. Luckily, this is not difficult.

    Sorry, not sorry,Charlotte Whitton

  9. Loco, I can’t believe Trump is giving up hard fought for ground! Especially when he put his troops onto the front line with the verbal support of the Commander In Chief! Chicken shit move! I’m calling bullshit! PJW is a tired act, he was interesting the first two or three segments. He has gotten real old.

  10. The Squad may not have policies that will impress tens of millions of Americans.

    But I am sure that they have policies that will influence enough broom closets and rental cars.

  11. Joe6, love ya man but we need more of PJW.
    I always enjoy his five minute segments.
    His British accent alone is worth the price of admission.

    As for Trump hushing the “send her back” chant…
    He HAD to!
    He HAD to!
    He HAD to!

    Trump will have 50 more rallies between now and November 2020.
    He had to nip this in the bud, letting everyone know that what they chant, can and will be used against HIM.
    I have no problem with the send her back but I also get the big picture.

  12. Loco, mrs6pak brought me a truffle. It settled me down momentarily but it won’t take much to rile me up again. I can’t believe that Trump would throw us deplorable under the bus. Moment of weakness? Whatever it is he needs to fix it!

  13. A lesson lost on the eRepublicans. Trump gets it, hell middle America gets it and the Democrat Party has been getting away with harboring malicious, maladjusted, malcontents all of my life. The media had gotten away with covering for them and offering apologetic for them for as long as I can remember. All it took is for someone in the office of The President to point out that the emperor has no cloths and the whole house of cards comes crashing around the Democrat Party. The Bush/McCain/Romney types have played their part in the production to a T, and as soon as he finishes mopping up the Democrats, he needs to pivot 180 degrees and go mid evil on the eRepublicans asses.

    Same strategy, just make them own what they stand for and it’s curtains. They will be caught in the same trap, the sonsabitches are as thick as thieves and will stick together and that will be their undoing.

    I have been posting about Trump’s incredible timing and his patience, this is a political lesson that will go down in history. That’s fine for history, but what it gives us today is a Democrat Party that couldn’t tell you if they are afoot or on horseback. Tonight they are unsure whether they need to tie their shoes or wind their watch. Trump has given a graduate level course on how to not only deal with and neutralize, but turn this dog eared and tattered chapter on strategy that has been in the Democrat playbook for over a half century now right back on them and Shove it down their throat.

    This is a defeat represents a turning point in a war not seen since the battle of Midway and from this point onward we are going to witness Trump on the offensive and the Democrats and the media just trying to hold on. To win this battle is big, but the ramifications going forward are even bigger.

    Just like the Japanese at Midway, Trump has broken the Democrats code and masterfully set a trap there was no getting out of. He suckered them into committing their most valuable assets to the fight and blindsided them and kept the pressure on despite Romney and Ryan coming in, right on cue, to ratfuck the whole operation.

  14. Joe6, thank your lovely wife for me.

    You know damn well Trump didn’t throw his base under the bus.
    Next week is Mueller testimony and then dem tw0-night debate train wreck.
    It’s all good my brother! 🙂

  15. Loco, he needs us to keep throwing wood on the fire that’s under his ass. While we are at war no one is allowed to get comfortable. And we are at war. And I am a little bit pissed. It’s either send her home or lock her up. We all know she is bad news!

  16. LBS, I agree with joe6pak that PJW has wilted on Trump in the past, but you’re right about Trump putting the kibosh on “send her back”. I appreciate the enthusiasm, but y’all got to wait for Trump to give you the line. Always.

    And my personal belief is that whoever can plant a black female republican to lose to Cortez, can also plant some fakers with a chant at a rally. The pounce on “send her back” today was over the top and obviously preloaded. Jon Karl had to step all over some poor Special Olympics kids to get the ball rolling. Must have been a strict news cycle schedule to keep. But that’s just my frank crank opinion.

  17. And here it is. Trump can use this to point out that she represents the views people who elected her and the Democrats have a big problem on their hands now in trying to keep that constituency on board while distancing the Party from the sentiment that is being expressed.

    Rep. Ilhan Omar returns home to cheers, vows to be a ‘nightmare’ for Trump

  18. OK, we can agree to disagree.
    Here is a little humor to get us back to something we agree upon.

    Tonight on MSNBC, that dude Rachel Maddow had man-faced Amy Kloubachar on.
    Amy actually said “I spoke with people today that couldn’t sleep last night because they heard the ‘send her home’ chants…”

    Bwahahahahahahaha!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  19. Her real family worked for the Somali warlord at the time and faked being members of the Omar family to subvert the asylum process.

    They were the people who should have been kept out.

    Another day, another explosive report about this Fifth Columnist whose lifelong mission has been to destroy our cou try. She should be up against a wall.

  20. One more thing. I am, and I will continue to be, big time behind Trump. But that doesn’t mean I’ll accept everything that comes from the White House. He is the one that set the stage for send her back. This is something he’ll look back on and admit he handled poorly. And I’m happy to bring it to anyone’s attention.

  21. Joe6, just sit back and watch The Open Championship and be grateful that all weekend we won’t have to hear about Rory and Tiger. 🙂

    It’s on right now…hard to get used to this left-coast time zone!

  22. Loco, I agree. My two least favorite golfers are Rory and Tiger. Be a shame if they both miss the cut. Tiger wanted to play a practice round with Brooks Koepka because his caddy knows the course well. Koepka didn’t return the call. I like him.

  23. Omar is picking up where hate-monger obama left off. She’s gotten a lot more specific about what religions are to be targeted.

    Very dangerous for you, omar. We shoot back.

  24. Trump could have trolled the media harder over this and just said, I can’t send a member of Congress anywhere.

    Plus, it’s illegal to send an explosive device through the mail.

    However, anyone who isn’t happy with the country that has given them everything un exchange for nothing that they’ve given back is free to leave and go some place where they would be happy and doesn’t disappoint them so much.

  25. Late to the party as usual…

    Seems much that appears after midnight is perhaps not good.

    Unlike some here I liked the video especially from the four minute mark forward…


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