Tread Lightly with AOC’s Challenger – She May Be In It to Protect Her

In June of 2018 Sherie Murray was an avid AOC supporter.

Conservative Treehouse-

In the last 36 hours you may have seen “republican” candidate Sherie Murray promoted, seemingly out of nowhere, by a variety of media platforms (social media and traditional). However, when there is an obviously coordinated effort to push a rapid high visibility roll-out; and that effort is for a singular congressional district; it is always worth doing some background research.

BEWARE – Having watched this type of political scheme for several years; and accepting people for what they do, not what they claim to be; in my opinion Murray is likely in place to protect AOC in the 2020 race.  This perspective is bolstered by how the launch/roll-out was also timed and scheduled by Fox News.

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12 Comments on Tread Lightly with AOC’s Challenger – She May Be In It to Protect Her

  1. She’s irrelevant. Running as a Republican is pointless in that district. Only a lib can beat AOC there

  2. Hey Trump!!! It’s a shithead move you pulled disavowing the send her home chant. Oh sure, you’re the president for all Americans. Those damn traitors want to change America into a SHITHOLE COUNTRY!!! This better not happen again! We signed up to WIN, not try and find common ground!!

  3. And one more thing!!! If we wanted a God Damn politician we would have voted for ted fucking cruz, or john fucking kasich! If this happens again a bunch of us will be out there causing more trouble than you want to see!! This is so much BULLSHIT I can’t believe it!!

  4. I am from this District and not sure IF I agree or not with the placement of this candidate yet. I LIVE next to it still and will really keep an eye on it.

    @ Joe6pak – disagree. DJT is not the president of the next Civy War and he knows this. Leave that up to the next/last POTUS.

    THIS POTUS did not create this mess. (I understand you know this).

    THIS POTUS is trying to wright the ship in the storm.

  5. ghost, we are in the midst of a non-shooting civil war already. Trump is our leader, he put himself there, this is no time to concede ground.

  6. The elite Dems are trying to get rid of Cortez as it is. Cortez is not going to make it to the primary.
    And neither is this “R” chick. Plant or not.

  7. Pray to God you are correct Mary Jane. If senile Nancy want to keep control of her circus and her monkeys, she’s going to have to put a lid on the “Squad”.
    Trying to work with AOC and the other Communists will will end like the final scene in Thelma and Louise with Nancy holding their hands as the Thunderbird goes over the cliff.

    Gosh, I love happy endings!

  8. Nobody can run for a seat in any district without the area political bosses approving. She’s got the approval from some party boss and that means you can’t trust her. Especially from lower NY. It’s like Chicago, they have a stranglehold on the political landscape.

  9. After watching the interview yesterday I didn’t trust her. When Hannity asked if she supports Pres. Trump she never gave a real answer. All she said was that he is doing what he promised in his campaign.

  10. I checked out her Twitter feed. She’s a Bushy. She was a full on supporter of Jebby.
    In other words, RINO.
    She would probably be a female Romney.


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