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Geraldo’s Son Violent Abuser- “Insane Sociopath” Says Victim’s Mother


According to police reports, Cruz assaulted Burke after she broke off their nine-year relationship. He’s accused of choking his ex-girlfriend unconscious and biting her.

When Cruz was released without bail on May 2, he reportedly smirked while telling photographers, “I hope I look good, guys.”

Meghan Burke’s mom said Cruz is a violent, manipulative nutcase. “He’s insane, he’s a sociopath, he’s a real manipulator,” Burke’s mom told the NY Daily News. “Ever since she met him, we have tried too hard to counsel her against him. He’s not a good guy. This has been an ongoing thing…She’s been trying to stay away from him over the past year.”


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  1. Is this what a gay ass soy liberal leg humping socialist wannabee pissed off mexican produces?

    What’s Juan Williams kids like? Serial rapists?

  2. This whole story brings to mind the old adage that “The apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree” or in this case the “Turd doesn’t drop too far from the Toilet”.

    This is just the sort of violent and deviant behavior one would expect from a son raised by that shit bird Geraldo Rivera (Jerry Rivers).

  3. Not a good start in life when your name sounds like a porn star or vacation destination.

  4. Sure hope Daddy is paying for this shitbird’s child support to three women for his 3 children.
    Irresponsible Scumbag !

  5. @Reboot – Geraldo is Puerto Rican. Interestingly, Juan Williams son Raffi is a conservative active in the GOP.

    What’s amusing about this is it was Geraldo’s over the top reporting on a NY insane asylum that condemned all insane asylums and made getting protection from dangerous mentally ill and help for mentally ill homeless almost impossible.

  6. Gee, who would have ever thunk it?

    GTFOH, the girls who dated assholes like Jerry Rivers, or his offspring, when I was in college were warned again and again about what they were getting into, but they knew more than everyone. They never got sympathy from me, IMHO they knew what they were signing up for and liked the drama. They were also smart mouths so it never bothered me much when they got their comeuppance that they brought on themselves.

  7. I’m not victim blaming and all that other shit, but I have to throw some of the responsibility on the woman, as well.

    Is she addicted to this sort of thing? Is she a drama queen? Even if she completely left this jerk, it sounds like she would find another jerk just like him.

    This here, is the stupid part:

    “Burke, who began dating Rivera back in 2009, visited his Washington Heights apartment on Tuesday evening to retrieve some of her personal items after their split, police sources said.”

    Listen, I don’t care if you leave a kidney behind. You don’t go back for it. Plus, Cruz has a room mate. Why didn’t the room mate bring her the ‘personal items’?

    He needs jail time and she needs a therapist.


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