Germany: Muslim Asylum Seeker Stabs Wife to Death at Bus Stop

ShariaUnveiled//DAHN, Rheinland-Pfalz: A 20-year-old woman was stabbed repeatedly and died shortly afterwards in hospital of her injuries. The murder happened, according to police, around 8 am at a bus stop in Tannstraße.

The perpetrator is the 33-year-old husband of the young woman. The suspect and the victim were separated. The man is currently an asylum seeker in Germany.

Witnesses said the man was first seen hugging the woman, then he stabbed her several times in the chest.  read more

13 Comments on Germany: Muslim Asylum Seeker Stabs Wife to Death at Bus Stop

  1. Those dead eyes.
    Hang him. By his beard and pubes. Stuff his mouth with pork. Then beat him like a cheap pinata.
    Then leave the corpse hanging/laying for a week. Allow citizens with spines to spray the corpse with bacon grease and other pork products.

  2. Well it was HIS wife, more than likely another muslim. It’s similar to ghetto goofs shooting each other in chitcago, just thinning the heard. I’m all for it!

  3. Every single aspect of this ‘religion’ has been specifically designed by Satan to ensure the maximum amount of misery, hatred, brutality, and base motivations are brought to bear in the human experience.

  4. He was just taking the ’till death do us part’ bit seriously.
    Muzzies tend to be literal about things.

  5. When they got to the bus stop he found he only had enough money for one fare. Mohammadmen can’t allow their wives to be out in public without an escort. So, he took care of the problem in a typical mohammadman way, and then rode downtown to cornhole a kid.

  6. Dirty pig’s foot in the mouth, hoof first, then two in the head. That is the only thing they FEAR — no being cleansed from that.


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