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Target, you were warned

ONN/The American Family Association says Target officials can’t claim ignorance in the wake of a recent “peeping Tom” incident at one of their stories.

Police are looking for a sexual predator who walked into a Target dressing room in Revere, Massachusetts, on Sunday and spied on a young woman changing. The local Fox 25 TV station reported on the crime.

“He was caught in a unisex changing room at Target peeking into the next stall where a woman was changing,” says the report. “Other shoppers who take their kids here often are disgusted, saying it’s unsettling to know this guy is still out there.”  more

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  1. So sad that the racist, homophobic, bigoted Target customers feel they can just deny that poor mans feelings and urges. He did no harm to himself! I mean what difference does it make?

  2. Oh there’d be a blood if I caught someone doing that to any of my kids. Although I don’t shop there anymore. Although I do use the pharmacy there. I love my drug dealers. LOL!

  3. Target is pervert friendly, that seems to be their base customer block.
    We’re done with Target, as they have chosen to ignore legitimate concerns for the safety and privacy of their customers.

  4. Just avoid Target altogether, simple solution!

    YOU need to be aware of your surroundings.

    For example. I go every morning for a cup of coffee. This morning I was greeted with an unusually long line, normally I walk right in and get my cup. Surveying the people in line, I was the only cracker in the box. So I left, doing so ensured two things. First, I avoided a potential Chimp Out. Secondly, I didn’t have to smell feet and look at the fat.

  5. I’d cane him. Literally. It’s my first line of defense.

    p.s. JohnS, you must think Hillary will be better on the subject. It’s remarks like yours that will bring Hillary in and sharia to this country.

  6. PJ, If Hillary owned companies that were doing what Target and Trump are doing, they would have been included.
    If something is wrong, it is wrong. It is not only wrong when the other side does it.
    If asking Trump to also do the right thing is enough to push Hillary over the top, then her election is a foregone conclusion.

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