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“Get Off My Lawn, Rooarrr!”

A couple from Texas visited Arizona and fell in love with a couple of outdoor metal sculptures.

 Dino Lawn Ornament

 Now their home owners association is in a snit because they don’t see the beauty in decorating one’s front yard with a T-Rex and Velociraptor.


Personally, I think the dinos beats the hell out of pink flamingos. 


And don’t even get me started on the fake deer, or those God awful bend over ladies.


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  1. If you volunteer, then pay for, the “privilege” of living under the rule of a homeowners association, why complain about getting your moneys worth out of the deal?
    These are “rules for thee, but not for me” liberals that likely get their income from the government.
    They would likely squeal and raise hell if the neighbor (not government employee) had a fence 1/4″ too high.

  2. If the homeowners have to take them down, they should replace them with a half dozen sleeping Mexican lawn ornaments (with big sombreros, you know) and a couple of Black Sambo lawn jockeys. That shouldn’t offend anyone…


  3. My favorites are the shrines I saw in rural Pennsylvania some years back. Must’ve been a heavily Catholic part of the county because every third or fourth place had an old claw-foot bathtub on end with the bottom part buried in the ground, and the rest sheltering a luridly painted statue of the Virgin Mary.

    They were really remarkable, because they were both very touching and extremely tacky at the same time.

  4. I hate all lawn ornaments. I would sue if someone put that crap in their yard.
    I have always hated those mercury balls.

  5. Hopefully congress will pass Amateur Radio Parity Act of 2015 — H.R. 1301. (which is meant to pre-empt any HOA restrictions) This guy can then become a Ham Radio operator and put up a ginormous tower and antenna and really piss off his HOA. Or, since those velociraptors are metal, with the proper antenna matching device, he could use his sculptures as antennas!
    Where there’s a will . . . .

  6. I think Mercury balls are what we call Chrome balls on a stick around here. I never understood the attraction and haven’t seen them for many years. Back in the 60s and 70s, in a certain part of town, you’d either see pink flamingos or chrome balls (on a stick).

  7. Yeah, I have a friend that has a Godzilla with one gnome in his hand and another in his mouth. I laughed so hard when I came to visit that his cat came to the front door to see what was happening!

  8. There’s nothing left to do these days other than watch the grass grow and the lawn ornaments rust. Apparently another 50% of our activity is under assault, we’re all doomed to a life of nothing but watching the grass grow.

  9. These people need that granny from Every Which Way But Loose. Get off my facking lawn!

    I have some friends currently building in an HOA area, I hate to be a dick but all I could say was, well good luck with that.

  10. If you bust your ass making money, buy into an exclusive community, and some dumb ass red neck hick puts dinasours in the front of his house, tell me you would not be pissed. Been there done that. Plus these HOA contracts are pretty much boiler plate and I’ll ain’t gaurantee they even control what kind of flowers you plant in your front yard. Why I moved.

  11. I would not be pissed. Besides, I’ve been called a dinosaur so many times I now regard it as a term of endearment.


  12. Where I live houses are all above 2 million dollars. No pickup trucks in drive ways. No campers in driveways. On and on and on. Which I don’t mind

    I grew up in a slum area with people putting sofas and cars in the front yard.
    I worked my ass off so I would never have to live like that again.
    We were so poor we had plastic sheets inside the house on the ceiling to catch the rain coming thru the roof.

  13. There’s a strange little town near me where the big thing 25 years ago was to put an old toilet on the lawn and fill the bowl with flowers. Do I need to say it was and is a very liberal (white) Obozo voting area?

  14. Yea , same situation until the idiot on the board start trying to invoke their own rules. We had one idiot that decided to buy radar speed detectors for our private security firm yo prevent speeding in the “Summit”. We’ll know one paid the fines do he decided they would start putting liens on homes. Well that turned out to be illegal. No recourse. Mean while the asshole spent close to 75 k on radar guns and I end up with some ass hole radaring me ad I back out of my drive way every morning. This clown ended up hold his family from leaving the home with a pistol one winter night. I hope he’s still in prison.

  15. That screams, “get off my lawn!!!” to me. lolol.
    Oh HOAs are the debils! In Las Vegas, a few of them were disbanded under the RICO statute.

    The busybodies cannot stop at the simple stuff like not putting your car on the lawn and refrigerators on the front porch. Noooo they need to go into your back yards and measure each blade of grass and make sure your plant pots are the correct shade of burnt sienna. Some go above and way beyond what they’re supposed to be inspecting. And then there are the ones that take money to look away.

  16. True. The one dumb thing about the linked article is that it doesn’t state just what the HOA “restriction” is that would prohibit these sculptures. That’s basic journalism.

  17. Yep. The ONE TRICK is:
    ya gotta have a little label in front of it (a 3″ x 5″ will do) like

    “Damocles’ At Rest” – Eugenia 2014

    Art: the catch-all EXCUSE for garbage since about the past 100 years.

  18. My lawn art consists of a two stall horse trailer and steel silhouette targets. HOA, when they pry my cold dead hands off their throat.
    Baba bang, bada bing.

  19. To be fair, you’re the one “…never have[ing] to live like that.” Sally
    I figure if you can afford to live in $2M house, you should have the backbone to tell assholes to KYA. I get the cars and sofas, what colour your door is a little weird, even for the Brown Shirts.
    HOAs are the Devil.

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