Gillette CEO Says The Billions Of Dollars Lost Over The “Toxic Masculinity” Ad Was Worth It

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Gillette’s infamous ad that pushed the idea that men contain “toxic masculinity” is a perfect example of how not to advertise your product. The ad not only created a firestorm of controversy online, but it also helped cost the company billions of dollars.

That would be $5.24 billion to be exact.

But according to Gillette CEO Gary Coombe, the billions of dollars that the company cost parent company Proctor and Gamble was totally worth it. According to MarketingWeek, the ad was a “price worth paying” if it helped to reach the millennial generation.

“I don’t enjoy that some people were offended by the film and upset at the brand as a consequence,” said Coombe. “That’s not nice and goes against every ounce of training I’ve had in this industry over a third of a century. But I am absolutely of the view now that for the majority of people to fall more deeply in love with today’s brands you have to risk upsetting a small minority and that’s what we’ve done.”

Coombe is telling himself fantasies.

You don’t lose that much money because you upset a “small minority” of people. This is billions of dollars gone. You upset an entire sex by essentially telling them that every radical feminist claim about them is true. 


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  1. Listen up you limp wristed faggot. You’re paid big bucks to earn a profit for your investors, many of whom rely on your judgement to increase the value of their retirement portfolios. How bout you give the KY jelly to Obama and tell him you need to focus on making a profit, not blowing one.

  2. “Small minority” my rosy red rump! It took a lot more than a small minority to whack $8,000,000,000 off earnings.

    I’m astonished there hasn’t been a shareholder lawsuit brought over this SJW insanity. Oh, wait. Maybe there is a suit filed but the SJWs in the “news” business haven’t seen fit to report it.

  3. Oh Gary. You self righteous girly man. I suspect P&G will soon jettison you with extreme prejudice and your sullied reputation of virtue signaling and browbeating your target audience will reduce your career opportunity to pundit on msnbc.

    They need another drooling lisper to round out their lineup.

  4. Most amazing is that by forcing myself to find an alternative to gillette’s products, I found Schick, Barbarsol and the like, and realized what shit the gillette products are that I’ve been buying all these years by habit.

    The Schick disposable razors last FOUR times as long; the other shave creams are a fraction of the cost and work just as well.

    Gillette’s management is garbage, but it turns out, so are its products.


  5. If you were a commie and when it comes
    time to get actually kill us patriots
    wouldn’t you want to fight metrosexual faggy
    soy boy panty wastes than real men with
    “toxic masculinity”???

  6. I was going to suggest HARRY’S RAZORS
    until… I went to their interstate site
    and seen the rainbow abomination flag and
    something about “pride”… Oh Well I tried.

  7. “I am absolutely of the view now that for the majority of people to fall more deeply in love with today’s brands you have to risk upsetting a small minority…”

    Why the hell does a razor blade company need to upset anyone?

  8. I still use my 1976 Gillette Adjustable… this fag had nothing to do with that razor.

    This guy needs to be shitcanned.

  9. His statements may very well have been meant for the board of directors, as in “Please don’t fire me! Just look at the good that ad accomplished!”

    Personally I use Dr. Conk shaving soap with a brush, and Feather blades (changing them every two to three days) with a safety razor. (Warning, using a safety razor is not as easy or mindless a task as using one of those crappy 5 blade jobs.)

    As for the rainbows, I am tired of them. In the past week on FB I have seen them used by the Vancouver Canucks, ICBC (the government car insurance monopoly), and West Jet. June may have been Pride Month, but this is Pride Week. No kidding.

  10. So glad that I did my part, in not-helping your bottom line.., you can take your SJ crappola, and shove it where mooch gives it to Barry..

  11. Keep patting yourself on the back, jackass. Let’s see what the board of directors have to say about the $5.24 billion price tag you put on your virtue signalling.

  12. I just saw a tee vee ad today for another razor brand and the boys (I won’t call them men) were shaving all sorts of places on themselves! What the….!? What?! They were shaving the hair on their stomachs! And the thing came with an LED light in order to see where you were shaving….???

    You know, this all started with boys using “hair product” — you never saw this sort of thing back in the Hai Karate! days.


  13. This is Korporate America run amok. In their mania to FORCE us normals to bow to their warped, twisted virtue signaling globalist worldview, the dumbshits forget that we have many alternative shaving resources to turn to: Dollar shave, Schick, Amazon,Harry’s, etc

  14. I shaved about two years ago. Mrs. R hadn’t seen me without a beard since about ’02, and without a mustache ever! Couldn’t grow it back fast enough for her.

  15. fOR FUCKSAKE I’ve been using Gillette since my Army days, WTF happened to these guys? I’d go back to a straight razor but I might cut my throat. Give me some options, you guys.

  16. My eye sight must be getting worse than I thought. Shouldn’t the first word of the title be – Former?
    As in Former Gillitte CEO . Or even Previous CEO.

    If not, it’s a warning about how much money corporations are willing to burn in an attempt to force change to our culture or human nature.

  17. Gillette’s new spokesperson, Lorena Bobbitt, swears by Gillette.
    ‘Their sh*T WORKS GREAT!.’
    Ugh how the tides turn,,

  18. I have 0 experience with this brand, before or after this commercial.

    It’s plain to see, they’re trying to find a new market. Old fcukers like me never found their products appealing to begin with.

    Whares muh whayit mail prevolidge now beyotch?

  19. You really don’t need an MBA to know it is just STUPID to directly insult your customers.
    It is even stupider for the board of directors to let this clown continue running their company into the ground.

  20. @Moe Tom – I’ve had to learn to squeeze a nickel until a dime pops out over the last several years. I’ve found one of the best lasting razors that shave decently is the BIC twin-blade disposable lady’s razors (after trying several cheap, disposable razors, some with 5 blades). I’ve been shaving with the same one for close to 30 shaves now and I can get a few more out of it yet without “nicking” my face up. And my beard is actually pretty tough as back when I used the name brand stuff several years ago, I had to change blades every 8 or 10 shaves because they would start pulling (and nicking) instead of cutting well.

    I only shave about every 3 days on average now because I don’t have to look particularly spiffy for the most part these days. Thus, the whiskers are a little longer than for someone that needs to shave every day which might make shaving a little less irritating to the skin. I bought a 12 pack (2 bonus razors) at Walmart for a little less than $6 a few weeks ago and haven’t even opened it yet. I’m on the last of a 10 pack that I bought at least a couple of years ago.

    One key thing is to keep the blades dry after shaving (don’t put the little plastic cover back on it right after shaving). Clark Howard, a notorious cheapskate with a syndicated radio show, actually researched this and found that the manufacturers know that moisture oxidizes the blades pretty quickly (which might be why they include the cover – not letting them dry out good helps sell more razors). He claims he has used the same razor (a cheap razor of some type) for about a year, but he went to extremes to insure they were dried (like tapping them on a towel and using a hair dryer even). I just use a cheap tooth brush to clean out the whiskers from between the blades (under running water before I shake the razor out good) which also keeps moisture as low as possible, and just let it lay on the counter without the cover. I’ve been surprised how long they can last.

    I also use either the Dollar Tree shave cream or Walmart’s “Equate” brand, both of which are about $1 and last a long time.

    Gillette can just sell their crap to the mentally ill women that believe themselves to be men rather than me.

  21. For alternative brands, look for Personna, they’re a quality brand at generic razor prices. Just as good as the big guy brands, but at a better price and without any political garbage tied into it.

  22. Business frequently put “moral” before profit! 90% of you are too young to remember when MPAA black listed Clint. But in ’60 ALL the big movie cos. were American. Because of theClint black listing American movie profits fell. Disney had DisneyLand , which Walt told us over 100 times made more profit every month THAN THE REST OF THE CO DID IN A YEAR~! The Germans and Spanish backing the “Spagetty Western” made big $. The result of clint’s black listing is that today (and the last few decades) only Disney is an American company. WB, MGM, UA,FOX,,,,are all NO LONGER AMERICAN! NO one got fired! Many rich are America haters, have been for centuries, and think we should tear America down to build “A Kinder Gentler America!”!.

    Nike fired no one for making Colin world famous. P+G had joined The New World order gang years ago; there will be no heads ruling!
    America’s rich have been, and are today, GLOBALISTS – NOT AMERICANS!


    They were bullied by a bunch of feminists to do their bidding, and they caved like a 19th Century mine.

  24. I am replacing all the PG products I use as they run out: All for Tide, Cremo for Oil of Olay bodywash, Selsin for H&S, Cottonelle for Charmin, Polmolive for Dawn, safety razor and cheap blades for Gillette…you get the idea. I’m not boycotting them; I just don’t buy them anymore.

    Check around your house, you’ll be surprised at how many of their products you use.

  25. 5 billion of other peoples money – ‘who cares’? A few of his own dollars – he’ll sue!

    Notice how leftists are always demanding HIGH WAGES for themselves and FREE STUFF from the productive people in the private sector. And using govt force to make it happen.

  26. JUST as I suspected. They think normal people are a “small minority”. From comics to TV to shaving products they repeatedly say, “If you don’t agree with us we don’t want yer money!” because they think it’s only a small minority that doesn’t think like they do.

    And they lose money every single time. And then another company does the same thing.

    It’s like they’re blind ideological idiots or something.


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